It separates me from the whole wide universe..that great’s light and silky and’s hard to fold..or drag away..or even toآ raise a little bit of it to have a peek of what’s behind..

I find a friend missing for a day..i think..oh god..i’m that friend sick..or sad..or what..well i’m not use to him/her being away..and i i ask about the friend..and the minute i find the >>it’s o.k.. reply in any way…is the minute the curtains are up to reveal simple,modest truthsآ ..that are once hidden stir great ,annoying feelings..

And this is life regarding everything..

Man is the enemy of the unknown…it scares us being in the dark..of matter how silly that thing is..and we tend to panic when the unknowing continues for a while..

We make assumptionsآ ..and start building scenarios in our heads..

Know the story of the guest???

Well…yo7ka an::

Tow friends met in the the older one invited the other for lunch at his home..his friendآ sat down in the living room and the host asked him if he wants something to drink first so he said::well..don’t wanna trouble u.

the host said::no trouble…and he clapped his hands and said..juice please..and he was talking to the big curtain near by..two min.and the drink came!!

After a while..the host clapped his hands to the curtain and said::lunch..and instantly he found a great lunch by the curtain…after that the same thing happens with desert!!

So..the guest asked the man..where did u get that curtain?..he said.:.well do u know the store on seventh street…from there!!

So the man went,bought it and hanged it on the wall and started clapping..and clapping…nothing!!

He returned back to his friend..and asked..whyآ doesn’t the curtainآ give me the same as it gives you??

And his friend tells him that he had a wife serving them from behind the curtain!!!


Well..everything we get..everything we know..everything we actually given to us..and our accomplishments are simply in beingآ  good ,if we are bad in receiving..we won’t beآ making much out of life!!

And allah is so great and wide that he makes material ,lively reasons for us to provide..but from where??

from him..everything is from allah..never think you make or makes or gives you knowledge to make..

So..we should stop staring at the curtains and simply get ourselves ready to receive from allah…

Even ra7et el bal is from allah..with or without reasons!!

Remember..when my friend showed that he’s/she’s o.k…it was a relief to my worries..yes..the person did that..but what made him/her do it??

everything is written and fated..and the moment allah wishes to give …he orders reasons to open the curtains and Reveal the truth !!


7 thoughts on “Curtains

  1. Hi Caller …

    I will re-read the post once again when I am back … I like the magical curtain thing but I suggest replacing the word "serving" by "preparing" from behind the curtain.

    I am also wondering whether they have these magical ones that finish up the work for you in Amman, would be awsome if they drive as well 😉

    Have a blessed nice sunny day.


  2. Asalam 3alaykom,
    wallah da7akteny ya fadi..enta mafeesh zayak..
    awalan..khadem elqawm sayedhom!!!
    ya3ny it’s really o.k..

    thanyan..about your work and drivingLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
    would u believe me if i tell u that i thought about your driving tasks yesterday…i thought…mashaweer fadi 3am tezeed..allah ye3eeno:):)
    allah yekhaleek l 7abaybak ya rab oo ye3teek else7a..
    look..mail me some work and i will do u some fastafsic designs..hahahaha


  3. Habibte very nice post ,and very true i like it a lot ,wish we can have our needs and desires by a clap :)it will be nice to reach this level of satisfaction and kana3a 🙂
    u know babe i love ur words ,i love everythign u write 🙂
    Allah bless you always habibte


  4. I just love the way you are explaining even the most simple things … so clearly, so logically – GREAT and with SO MUCH LOVE!!
    Thanks SO MUCH dear … LOVE YOU MUCH!! 🙂


  5. Asalam 3alaykom,

    Dear u usually do:)

    Sarah..and i love how clear and simple u see things..even me!!
    may allah bless u babe:)

    karin..thank u dear..i hope i can always do that if i do..thank allah:)

    eno..i’ll check hussien..why haven’t u called me..i haven’t slept for two days!!


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