Well..i believe now..

It’s over…thank allah..

And i’m celebrating..fara7…afra7 oo layaly mela7 fourty days..and nights..

All problems..all nasty lawyers..all heartcahes..

All memories..all failed expectations..all tearful nights..

All bla bla bla…all bad talk..all fear..

I am happy and i’m in full mood for celebrations..

My heart is bouncing with excitement that a whole new phase is fully and completely starting…

If allah wills…it’ll be my call..my dicisions..my hand ..

and elsatr men allah..

But i warnآ  anyone who would ever think of coming near me..ana ta7ady…esma3ny:):)

the strangest thing is that i realized i’m happy only when i saw Eno’sparty..

Thank you sis and friend and sweet smile of my life…without your support for the past few months..kan zamany fel3asfooreyeh..3ala ra2y saba7…aw…ana neeeroooon..3ala ra2y esma3eel yassin:D:D

And to all my friends and loved ones..you’ve put up with all my craziness and sadness and moody moods…may allah bless u and never feel sad in your lives


I Remember..


Those black waves..hitting our shore as violant as our love?

The sound of the sea breaking the silence of that night..

The million stars that dazzeled our eyes with it’s light..

The breeze that held my voice near your heart..

The second that lasted till now and echoes in our minds forever?


The crowded alleys of down town streets?

The hand in hand walk by the beat..

The thrill of loving silently and descret..

Eyes ..even when closed..that would always meet

Laughes and thrills of the scented touch we’d cheat..


The long..pink floyd’s drives..

We needn’t say a word or ouch a chord..

The sense of completement and serenity..

The long talks that over looked the pyramids and our dreams..

All the sleepless nights and heart beats..

And remember..

The long goodbye..

The deepest sigh..

The painful hug and cry..

How we became apart..

And distances made another phase start..


Information Gap..

You ask the question..

He doesn’t know the answer..but he imagines and guesses and direct all senses and attention to learn and investigate..

It is the moment when your knowledge and his ignorance create that amazing state of anticipation..

What will he reveal…what will he discover and experiment t during that great human bonding..

When this information gap alters from a negative thing into the greatest positive vibe that can ever bond those two minds..those particular spirits..

And the discovery becomes a blast when all sense sharpens to get deeper inside your soul just to touch the deepest glimpse of light inside you..

When vagueness and blurriness becomes the most linking force..powerful than magnet and more directing than compasses..

When two different energies become one massive penetrating beem of feelings..

Use that information gap..and communicate visually and spiritually through it and discover new worlds and a rainbow of wide ranged horizons..


All the little things..

All the viens..details..

The scent of fall huging the wind of december..

The perfectآ sunshine..your hair shine..

The dew and rain..

Warmth and chills maintain..

What is deeper..


Hiding what’s sparkling with the music..

Bordering the flow..

Never seeing a flaw..

All the words..magical words..

Easy..yet fragil..crystal clear..

Understanding regards..feeling the thanks..

Forever hitting the heart..Deeper..


First heart kiss..

First moon caress..

Silence wrapping every midnight star..

But never the pulse..

The whisper of might’ve passed or may come..

Tender hand will take your eyes home..

And sleep in that silky kindness..Deeper..



Ha..what do u think of the title??

I picked it while talking to Abed last night LOOOOOOL

come on..guess who am i talking about?

No silly..not you…that other guy..and the other..and that chick who thinks she knows everything when she doesn’t know shoe laces from bananas!!


Recently i read here and there and almost every where about the awful incedents in cairo..and this subject among other things was a very suitable trash can for dirty cats to stick their heads in..( with few exceptions of respectful people like khalidah for example..).and because they are Air heads and know nothing about the matter or almost anyother matter…they made the most horrible contribution to spread lies and rumours every where..and always bashing islam by the way as their desperate attempt to draw attention to their misserable souls..


In that post specially i will put my angel wings aside..and hold the devil’s fork..not that i’m a devil :):) nahhhhh…but i wanna scare them away..hahaha(evil giggle)


Dearآ Air heads….if u spend your lousy life times biting rocks and eating sand …you will never…never..ever..accomplish anything truthful or meaningful..

As truth and vertues are valuable..and they get that value from allah..the almighty who created thatآ brain of yours which you chose to wash daily in the sewers..As i never saw in my life any dirtier!!


You will probably live a big bubble full of fake fun..and you will probably have all the stupid discussions that will appear too bright for anyother air head like yourself..and that will fool you to believe you are right..when infact..you are as blind as a bat in a disco !!!


See..yes..you..i am adreesing you punk!!

Get lost..and don’t ever come a thousand feet from my religion or my country or i swear..i will make do3a2 to your disaster a life time mission…


Mean while..i’m putting back my angel wings and praying….allah yehdeekom..ameeeen!!

Backstage…That summer!

She would never forget that night..

She was sitting in the terrace watching those huge waves hitting the rocks on the shore..sending her splashes of sea greeting.

Summer cold sea breeze hit her face and shoulders and she shivered as she was so hot from sun bathing all day..yet she enjoyed the feeling and she kept looking right into the darkness of the loud voiced dark sea infront of her..thinking of how pure it looks in the morning..and how scarey it looks now..as if it’s shy hiding all the secrets of all the peopleآ loving it..talking to it..throwing their secrets into it..

This sea is the biggest safe..and it secures a million stars and a million dreams and a million love story and a million tear add bitterness to its salty waters!


She could hearآ someone coming..she felt a tear coming up her way promising to chock her throwt..she thought: can’t she just leave me alone?!!

The girl came closer to her..called her name that blended with the speeding cars and the rocking waves and the loud angry beats of her heart..

She had to rape a look towards that girl..She had to mug a smile..a faded,pale..poisonous smile!!

The girl opened her mouth to speak..and she closed her eyes..as if she wants to escape that moment of confrontation by a million dark light years..

She said:: Believe me…I love him!! i love……..

She couldn’t believe the amount of anger and rejection bursting her mind..HOW COULD SHE CALL HIS NAME LIKE THIS..??she thought!!

She couldn’t no longerآ prevent the hot..burning tear coming down her cheeck..she mumbeled..you’re so stupid!!so stupid..why him?? you are so young and very beautiful..why him??

The girl smiled..the smile of the powerful..and said:: believe me..i declared my love first..i couldn’t stand how tender he is..how lovable he is..i had to wrap my arms around him and tell him how much i loved him..

She shut her eyes!! ears!!! heart and breath!!

How would she feel..how would she look to him..Questions kept hovering around her mind..her blury mind..stealing peeks at the dark black sea of the glittery night..she could see very tiny lights in the far middleآ  sea of small boats..seeking allah’s giving..risking thier lives to maintain other lives..Allah..yes Allah..her love and hope..the far hope..she thoughtآ How does allah judge those people..that girl and that man..

She closed her eyes and got all the tears she faught to hold inside to move..and be set free yet stopped hearing the details of the girls story..just heard the sound of the waves calling for her to rest ..

Refused to hear that tormenting news..never wanted…never imagined it could happen..

Her best friend..and her dad!!