Backstage…That summer!

She would never forget that night..

She was sitting in the terrace watching those huge waves hitting the rocks on the shore..sending her splashes of sea greeting.

Summer cold sea breeze hit her face and shoulders and she shivered as she was so hot from sun bathing all day..yet she enjoyed the feeling and she kept looking right into the darkness of the loud voiced dark sea infront of her..thinking of how pure it looks in the morning..and how scarey it looks if it’s shy hiding all the secrets of all the peopleآ loving it..talking to it..throwing their secrets into it..

This sea is the biggest safe..and it secures a million stars and a million dreams and a million love story and a million tear add bitterness to its salty waters!


She could hearآ someone coming..she felt a tear coming up her way promising to chock her throwt..she thought: can’t she just leave me alone?!!

The girl came closer to her..called her name that blended with the speeding cars and the rocking waves and the loud angry beats of her heart..

She had to rape a look towards that girl..She had to mug a smile..a faded,pale..poisonous smile!!

The girl opened her mouth to speak..and she closed her if she wants to escape that moment of confrontation by a million dark light years..

She said:: Believe me…I love him!! i love……..

She couldn’t believe the amount of anger and rejection bursting her mind..HOW COULD SHE CALL HIS NAME LIKE THIS..??she thought!!

She couldn’t no longerآ prevent the hot..burning tear coming down her cheeck..she’re so stupid!!so stupid..why him?? you are so young and very beautiful..why him??

The girl smiled..the smile of the powerful..and said:: believe me..i declared my love first..i couldn’t stand how tender he lovable he is..i had to wrap my arms around him and tell him how much i loved him..

She shut her eyes!! ears!!! heart and breath!!

How would she would she look to him..Questions kept hovering around her mind..her blury mind..stealing peeks at the dark black sea of the glittery night..she could see very tiny lights in the far middleآ  sea of small boats..seeking allah’s giving..risking thier lives to maintain other lives..Allah..yes Allah..her love and hope..the far hope..she thoughtآ How does allah judge those people..that girl and that man..

She closed her eyes and got all the tears she faught to hold inside to move..and be set free yet stopped hearing the details of the girls story..just heard the sound of the waves calling for her to rest ..

Refused to hear that tormenting news..never wanted…never imagined it could happen..

Her best friend..and her dad!!



7 thoughts on “Backstage…That summer!

  1. habibte u remind me of someone i used to love without any reason ,someone who took me to his land without any visa,somone i used to feel all of his pain …
    i know you know abt whom im talking ..
    be fine babe ,kisses


  2. Why we consider age difference a no no when it comes to love? Why her dad cannot love? Is love limited to only people of younger age? how about divorced people , they cannot love? I think love has no bounderies except 7alal and 7aram.
    And every human soul is cabable of love and exchanging affection, as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…when some one loves they just do, they don’t plan it…I am talkin about love not lust, as lust spoils love like vinegar spoils honey if it comes before marriage… love and let love as long as within the bounderies of Islam.


  3. Aslam 3alaykom,
    Sarah..i thought you would say that..i swear..
    I missed that person too..he/she didn’t have to worry or think..just wrote what was in his/her heart right away..
    love u dear..take care:)


  4. Aslam 3alaykom,
    Abdullah..this is the first time i write something and you don’t get the meaning behind the story:)
    Change is nice too:)
    I never see age difference as a a problem and what u said here is something i totally agree upon..cause it’s 7alal..cause it happened in sunnah..
    But the story here is different..
    Thaqt girl ..the story teller was 14 and her best friend made a relation with her dad!!!
    This is the girl’s feelings towards that!!
    And that is exactly what happened to the it’s about her feelings more than the age me?


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