I Remember..


Those black waves..hitting our shore as violant as our love?

The sound of the sea breaking the silence of that night..

The million stars that dazzeled our eyes with it’s light..

The breeze that held my voice near your heart..

The second that lasted till now and echoes in our minds forever?


The crowded alleys of down town streets?

The hand in hand walk by the beat..

The thrill of loving silently and descret..

Eyes ..even when closed..that would always meet

Laughes and thrills of the scented touch we’d cheat..


The long..pink floyd’s drives..

We needn’t say a word or ouch a chord..

The sense of completement and serenity..

The long talks that over looked the pyramids and our dreams..

All the sleepless nights and heart beats..

And remember..

The long goodbye..

The deepest sigh..

The painful hug and cry..

How we became apart..

And distances made another phase start..



4 thoughts on “I Remember..

  1. ط¨ط§ظٹظ† ظ…ط²ط§ط¬ظƒ ط¹ط§ظ„ظ‰ ط§ظ„ظ†ظ‡ط§ط±ط¯ظ‡
    ط§ط´ط±ط¨ظ‰ ظٹظ†ط³ظˆظ† ط¹ط´ط§ظ† طھظ†ط³ظ‰
    ظƒظ„ ط´ط¦ ظ…ظ…ظƒظ† ظپظ‰ ظ‡ط°ظ‡ ط§ظ„ط­ظٹط§ط§ط§ط§ظ‡


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