Dancing in the dark..

I stumbled into that song the other day..know it?!! that oldie of Bruce Springsteen..


The sentence stopped me though..

Imagine dancing..having so much fun..but in the dark..

Where you can’t see clearly..or see nothing at all..

Alone or with friends..darkness surly hides things..

And hidden stuff is what i fear most..that darkness of what is coming for you..good or bad?? keeps a lightened question that glows in your eyes..could freeze next steps..could make you panic to the extent that you’d jump right into the darkest hole..just to cut the fear with the sharpest knife..

People and feelings..thoughts and thinking along with actions are so strange..no pattern can draw them to a safe map..where you’d stick to a wall and support your soul..shoulder glued to a fence..NO WAY..

It’s just too complicated than that..as simple as you’d think..

we tend to look at others and believe what we see..picture perfect families..or even what we think is bad and tricky..but the truth is..nothing..and i mean NOTHING is quiet as it seems..

As for me..I have to say I’m living the time of my life..i feel alive..but god only knows why do i feel scared..

May be because..I’m dancing in the dark!