Caresses of the heart..

See it through my eyes..

That night..just after sunset..where lights were caressing the palm trees that hugged the place..where the pearly blue waters of the pool reflected the spark in my eyes..

It is when i first realized..that the scent that carried me away..that the breeze that carried the scent to my senses was batting on my cheeks..trying to awaken me to the sweetest fact of all illusions..I’m sensing what I’ve always imagined it might or might not exist..the fairy tale..the myth of overwhelming emotions that fills your every cell.

The Asian girls served us the pink minted iced drinks..and the Exotic enigmatic tunes served us the most beautiful silver moon light that again..caressed my cheeks and sparked my be faintly aware of the sweetest fact..that dreams might sometimes be livable..

I listened to all that atmosphere with my heart and ears..and i saw who wrapped it all up in a moment that hanged in and fresh..and filled with all if the world melted into a soul that is a mix of mine and his..

Where all equation facts are wearing a new format..Turn on..has another meaning..spiritual flying into the upper sky..Words..have no sound..just vibes of a glimpse of an eye..Bodies..are needless..touching has no all the feelings caress the heart..directly..

Imagine with me..that you feel that..almost taste it..closing your eyes and inhaling all the passion that fills the air..

Imagine that you wouldn’t trade a slow dance that moment for all the existing treasures..and that you wouldn’t trade the sound of an I Love You Whisper with all the imagined treasures..

And imagine that all of that love..the understatement of the word reachable..right between your palms..calling you to own it..offering you the life ..the living..pleasurable tension of the thrill..the prize of all prizes..’ve finally found the one..It..the lost fountain of worldly heavens… all you’ve always shed tears for..the briefing of all love songs..the endless piano plays and the ache less hits of guitars..the thousand nights of the million moonlights..

It’s all yours..inviting you dive into the sea of’re finally treated as the queen of all kingdoms..and you have the king of all time taking your hands..

you’ve never known or seen like him..he has the keys of the sense of security of the world..he makes all else too small for you to see..he has the kind wit that would never scare you..just arouses all admiration..he has the character that reads you..wins you..knows how to see your every thought..admire every gesture..hugs your strength and worships your moment of weakness..trusts you with his every possession..even his heart..

yes..founding this perfection is a dream..hard to believe..a myth that people live and die and never think it exists..

And’s a treasure of privileges..incomprehensible..

You..of all people..the tiny you..may have this distant yet too close love

yet..It will never be totally yours!!