I’m sorry i commented!!

I rarely feel sorry for stating an openion…but i regret i commented on the critic blog!!

I hate name calling from anonymous people…i hate cursing countries or citizens of any country cause if that’s not stupid i don’t know what is!!

I thought the blogger day idea was silly that’s it…doesn’t mean i’m offending the girl…and i don’t think it’s proper to curse her land..where abouts and the surrounding countries just to let out some steam for god knows what!

Now the girl offended jordanians in a veryآ provoking way…that i felt bad cause i’ve gained many precious friendships from jordan and i know they are fine people…and commentetors really crossed the line calling her names and have been so rude.

I won’t ask the WHY question cause i already know the answer but i’ll state my openion again – hopefully i won’t regret it this time- and say that having such hatred for someone or a country is really sick cause if you can’t think rationally about never ever judging people nor generalizing openions on COUNTRIES…How could any oneآ name call millions of citizens and pass judgment on them and how can anyone think someone he doesn’t even know or seen a *****??!!

I’m sorry i commented on that post…only because i don’t like my name to be around such ugliness.

And another thing…why would they think it’s Qwaider’s??!!

I can disagree with him on issues but i never known him as a chicken hiding behind some fake name to curse people…I think we all know he always gets into trouble for being so upfront and states what ever he thinks!!

This silly thing got on my nerves ma3a enny mesh na2sa…abadan!!

Black and jeans…Shaving thoughts

Since I managed to swallow the fact that I have to return to work and retain control over things…I started having shaving visions…

No…let me start over so you can get what i meant…now…it’s not a man /woman lame thing because if you’ve been around here you’ll know I totally enjoy things just the way they are…no Anti Manhood flames can heat my head…no am I frustratedآ nor feeling any less…as always I think we are equal but each in his own way and nature shouldn’t be interfered with.

BUT ( that little word that always intimidates of the coming argument )…but, it is really out there…that men are looked at and treated more seriously than women and I’m talking business wise…they are never contained into a limited title orآ grants…yet, Having the hard working nature and the sharp skills freaks men out and they start to panic and they jump to the nearest hummer to nail you down.

So, it got me thinking…if i were a man i would’ve had an easier life that’s for sure…and suddenly I’d picture myself shaving…in front of the mirror and lifting my chin up so i canآ shave that curve or this cheek…oh…and ties…I’d be chocking on those all the time…

Remember Fionna…shrek’s chick ?

She used to shave…fight and had her way just fine as a lady…so maybe the problem is that strength gives the allure of success…

better go get the foam!

I bet men think about all their issues while they shave…it’s always quiet and they all seem to concentrate on it…it must be more than just a shave…it must be a boost of confidence…so he shaves..colognes and puts on the chocking band and VOILA!…open the road to success..

When i wanna have the same boost…I put on anything black on a pair of jeans and Voila…bas mesh awe ya3ni!آ آ آ 

Enjoying some little things

I’m calm..andآ I have to thank Allah for that..

So..i felt alert to all the little things i enjoy around me..instead of only concentrating on the big things i don’t have yet..well they’re not that big but anyway..enough about those and alot of the others..

* How easily i park my car while most people around the block suffer…my nice parking boy takes care of it..all i have to do is show up and leave the car to him and voila!!! right in the middle of the craziest traffic jam in cairo 😀

* How i have a little wizard who helps me when ever i’m into technical trouble..or personal..my sweetest 3abQarino 🙂

* The morning message i get from FEDO every few weeks..draw a biiiiiiiig smile on my face…May allah bless him and his mrs. 🙂

* How we come up with the silliest comments at exactly the same time and crack into laugh when we realize that…that’s ENO i’m speaking about 🙂

* My wake up call….my inner voice…my reminder of what’s right and true and beautiful..my guarding angel from across the oceans…the shoulder i cry at…the dream i will never have…his voice brings me back to me…the real self i wanna be…

* Hassan cracking into tears from laughter when he gets on Jommana’s nerves and annoys her..poor girl…naughty hassan..cute kiddos…I’m enjoying them so much these days..they’re a bliss..a true blessing..

* The cafiene dose after long fasting hours..all doses after long fasting hours.

* When i put my heart into work and it pays off..and i see that empressed spark in my boss’ eyes..woooooooow..my thrill!!

* A very sweet e-mail from a very sweet friend…unexpectedly 🙂

* Writing a very nice story..in my eyes of course…i’m really thinking of publishing some of what i wrote..do u think it’s worth it???honestly!!!

* The fresh tunes of the radio every morning on my way to work..

* An sms or a call….from him…

* Myآ beautiful nile…and the climate these daysآ is incredible…amazing nile cruise is recommended.

*آ Pedicures….a very simple boost…to my toes of course 😀

* Singing out loud in my car with the shields up and no one can hear me and i’m totally into it i must look so silly…but i love it 😀

* Movie theatersآ …and by the way..i loveآ elwad 7elmy 😀

* Chocolates and Amstelآ Zero….yummy.

* Reading Mahmoud Ezat…please check his work…

* Reading Jaheen…and the best novelest ever …Mohamed Abd Elhaleem Abdallah.

* Coelho is soothing…just that..takes me away from stressful thinking to simpleآ soothing streams..

* I enjoy all music..Music runs through me…

* I enjoy Daddy’s tunes..

* I enjoyآ driving..perfumes and new underwear 😀 sorry but i do..

* Most of all…I’m Enjoying My little girl’s Birthday..Happy Birthday Jomana..come on check it out 🙂