Black and jeans…Shaving thoughts

Since I managed to swallow the fact that I have to return to work and retain control over things…I started having shaving visions…

No…let me start over so you can get what i meant…now…it’s not a man /woman lame thing because if you’ve been around here you’ll know I totally enjoy things just the way they are…no Anti Manhood flames can heat my head…no am I frustratedآ nor feeling any less…as always I think we are equal but each in his own way and nature shouldn’t be interfered with.

BUT ( that little word that always intimidates of the coming argument )…but, it is really out there…that men are looked at and treated more seriously than women and I’m talking business wise…they are never contained into a limited title orآ grants…yet, Having the hard working nature and the sharp skills freaks men out and they start to panic and they jump to the nearest hummer to nail you down.

So, it got me thinking…if i were a man i would’ve had an easier life that’s for sure…and suddenly I’d picture myself shaving…in front of the mirror and lifting my chin up so i canآ shave that curve or this cheek…oh…and ties…I’d be chocking on those all the time…

Remember Fionna…shrek’s chick ?

She used to shave…fight and had her way just fine as a lady…so maybe the problem is that strength gives the allure of success…

better go get the foam!

I bet men think about all their issues while they shave…it’s always quiet and they all seem to concentrate on it…it must be more than just a shave…it must be a boost of confidence…so he shaves..colognes and puts on the chocking band and VOILA!…open the road to success..

When i wanna have the same boost…I put on anything black on a pair of jeans and Voila…bas mesh awe ya3ni!آ آ آ 


2 thoughts on “Black and jeans…Shaving thoughts

  1. Hello , anti men squad ! Who’s the head of the gang on blog-sphere??? Turns to be YOU!

    I odn’t know , i don’t have something particular to comment on but let me tell you a simple fact about men shaving their chins : IT’S NOT FUN AT ALL AND THEY CAN’T WAIT TILL THEY FINISH!!! Believe me …

    Eau de Cologne .. most popular here is FRISKAL .. I love it 🙂


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