I’m sorry i commented!!

I rarely feel sorry for stating an openion…but i regret i commented on the critic blog!!

I hate name calling from anonymous people…i hate cursing countries or citizens of any country cause if that’s not stupid i don’t know what is!!

I thought the blogger day idea was silly that’s it…doesn’t mean i’m offending the girl…and i don’t think it’s proper to curse her land..where abouts and the surrounding countries just to let out some steam for god knows what!

Now the girl offended jordanians in a veryآ provoking way…that i felt bad cause i’ve gained many precious friendships from jordan and i know they are fine people…and commentetors really crossed the line calling her names and have been so rude.

I won’t ask the WHY question cause i already know the answer but i’ll state my openion again – hopefully i won’t regret it this time- and say that having such hatred for someone or a country is really sick cause if you can’t think rationally about never ever judging people nor generalizing openions on COUNTRIES…How could any oneآ name call millions of citizens and pass judgment on them and how can anyone think someone he doesn’t even know or seen a *****??!!

I’m sorry i commented on that post…only because i don’t like my name to be around such ugliness.

And another thing…why would they think it’s Qwaider’s??!!

I can disagree with him on issues but i never known him as a chicken hiding behind some fake name to curse people…I think we all know he always gets into trouble for being so upfront and states what ever he thinks!!

This silly thing got on my nerves ma3a enny mesh na2sa…abadan!!


20 thoughts on “I’m sorry i commented!!

  1. cheer up girl. she is of no position to say a single word about Palestinians, Jordanians, nor any other Arab. She has never been there!

    I do not have Pepsi, but I’ll sing for you…
    ط­ط¨ظٹط¨ط© ط¨ط§ط¨ط§ ط±ط´ط§
    ط§ظ…ظˆط±ط© ط¨ط§ط¨ط§ ط±ط´ط§
    ظƒطھظƒظˆطھط© ط¨ط§ط¨ط§ ط±ط´ط§


  2. I learned from blogging and commenting on blogs, that you have to take any comment from opposing side and expect the worst. Not all people are well mannered and intentioned . As well there is always room for misunderstanding, so we always have to make sure to clarify our channels of communication. One more thing, you will be surprised how much goodness there is in some of these "bad" people, and their behavior just a front they are trying to maintain to protect themselves from abuse by being themselves the abusee.
    Take care!


  3. hi were u one of the anonymous ppl who commented on my blog? which one r u cuz every1 is commenting anonymously whats up with that? i hated it so much when my comments get deleted so i wont do the same thing,,,,, thats why i wont delete the comments on my blog,,,sorry to hear about ur dad 😦


  4. No Critic…i comment using my name or blog..Rasha or thecaller..
    And yeah..i hate anonymous comments..
    It’s ok about my dad..Allah yer7amo…
    welcome aboard 🙂


  5. La 7awla wa la quwatta ella bellah,
    ya3ni people are being slaughtered in Iraq and the best thing this lady could come out with is a hatred to Jordanians…
    You know Rasha, dear, this is extremely frustrating and disappointing, WOW, we’re Palestinians with Jordanian passports, and I respect the country, they give us all rights we could ‘ve demanded… What’s with the racism, if she ever met a Jordanian person who’s bad, it does not mean this person sucks just because he/she’s Jordanian!!!
    Ya Allah I wish we would ever grow up, become more mature, or change…
    For you Rasha, you’re one of a kind, don’t regret stating your true opinion, cause that’s not you, as hamede said: Ignore…
    Sorry for not being around or replying to my emails, it’s out of my hands, too much stressing stuff 😦


  6. Cherry Mais*
    you’ve glittered my blog by your sweet call 🙂
    I love mo3ez..i wish my son would grow up to be like what i see in him..i hope i can attend.
    BTW…you always cheer me up by remembering my Caramel theory 🙂


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