Can’t give it a title

The insomniac who rarely sleeps went to bed at 18:00 and woke upآ at midnight thinking ofآ things that has nothing to do with….hmmm…actually anything.



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  • It has been almost two months since i last wrote any short stories…no ideas hopping and nagging to get written on some deserted blog…whether it’s good or bad it felt great to write them…my head is numb!

  • We actually see the drawings of a five year old as pieces of art…although they are not by any damn artistic scale…we bring the scale down to their age and judge, putting in mind the thought they are trying to express and for that we genuinely say the BRAVO excited cheer…how come we don’t treat people the same way?? When we judge we expect the highest most noble things and crucify who ever fails that by fingerآ pointing and prejudice…

  • Allah created birds and made thousands of types,shapes,colours and sizes each of a different special task…All other species are the same way…humans may differ in looks but not in function…yet they are uniquely different in characters…which is a very accurate detailed thing that differentiates one than the other…we can get along but we can never be identical… It’s better this way…even if jerks will continue ruling the world.

  • Seventhآ Sense…the curse of all curses…Master of disaster…The Italianآ Stallion…Rrrrrrrrrrrocky Balboooooooooooaaaaa hehehehehe 😀 kiddin.No But really…آ we all have that…some more than others but we all get what someone is plotting or understanding their lie or guessingآ something some has been up to…without a word, hint or even a wink…it would be a strong feeling of belief…have you ever had that and it turned out you were absolutely right? well i have and let me tell you…it’s the most annoying thing in this whole world…it’s way better and easierآ being a dumb ass than being this – let’s call it – smart.

  • Smokers know they are burning their chests with those inflamed dried trash…they write it clear on the packs ( smoking will kill you, you damn fool ) yet they make it, pack it, add poison to it and sell it to you with the waxed grinآ  of the Jokerآ ( Batman…1989 )…The answer to the WHY is that they freakin’ love it…see what love can do…?!

  • I want to see aآ movie i used to love when i was a teen… Fire with Fire.

  • I want to hearآ a song i used to love also when i wasآ the same teen… Broken wings.

  • Don’t have the movie now nor the song so Gary moore will do for now…after all i have empty rooms!

  • Plans are : get out of bed…shower…do some work till morning then stop by ( on the run ) for coffee and up to the office…my boss is finally back after six weeks away leaving me with the whole thing on my head…It’ll be a sleazy day and i know it…I’ll play the cool – know it all – assistantآ and will hope for the best which is….the day would only pass.آ 

3 thoughts on “Can’t give it a title

  1. Hello ,

    It seems I’m the only one who understands this type of posts .. Fire to Fire is callers’ type movie he he he he .. Sandra Brenan 😉

    2) Hah , Baby I think tonight we can take what was wrong and make it right .. Woooooo

    3) These days Picture of the moon – Spanish Guitar & Midnight Blues

    So long 😉


    It was about time fedo for my music treat 😛
    How lond has it been ?? hehehehe
    Thanks a million times buddy.
    Now because i’m music gready and u know i can’t get enough…i need Broken wings Mr. Mister 😀
    Have a lovely day sir 🙂


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