What kind of blog is this?!

The Guy who talks to a pigeon called Frank tagged me and guys let me tell you that he has one great blog…so check it out and ed3ooli 🙂


The Questions:

1- What kind of blog is your blog (Cat, Boss or Viral blog)? refer to this post for the definitions.

Well..currently and due to a severe case of self centered nagging depression…

It’s a cat…mabrook 😀 yet it used to be Viral gedan..


2- Out of the 111.2 million blogs in the blogosphere, what makes a blog stand out ?

To me a blog is personal even if it’s not about personal rants or whatever…so…it’s the writer’s character…


3- What, in your opinion, makes YOUR blog stand out? Why should we read your blog?

My blog doesn’t stand out and i honestly don’t think of a reason why should it be read…i can’t even joke about it hehehehe…look…read it if u like me 😛


The Rules:
– After you’ve posted your answers, you may tag up to 5 of your friends.
– If you were tagged, you’re not obligated to answer. But come on… don’t be a party-pooper!
– You must add a link to your blog at the bottom of this tag. Don’t remove links already added, add yours next to them.
– If you want a copy of Seth Godin’s ebook, you can download it here. (Right Click – Save Target As)
– If you like this tag, please consider adding United Bloggers of Arabia to your blogroll and subscribe to our feeds.

Okay, so I tag:آ Fedo’s,آ Eno’s ,آ Gohary’sآ 


Blogs that have answered this tag:
A Pigeon Called Frankآ , The callerآ , Chikapapi

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