About blogging / 2007

Yes, It’s different than 2006…way different.

It has more wit and attractive writing styles with loads of skills…Lacks Spiritآ and warmth big time!!

It has become more of a tribal socio- intellectual act…Less merged with different oriented identities and personalities…small parties in a box!

It has become more Bold with aآ new fresh wave of fearless Arabs who live abroad…the thing that saved them from the social/ traditional calculations local Arabs were raised with.

Trendy…not so authentic.

Glamorous…blinging with characters and thoughts, specially that most of the new drift blog anonymously.

Rude people turned soft and soft ladies are more sharp tongued than ever…

I guess no wonder why I deactivated My face book account…I had no time for it’s Jam plus my good old blogging which i enjoyed for the past 20 months.

People came and went and new people came to blog…some old bloggers changed style to cope and some maintained their originality.

Mais*, Neverland, M.M, Sarah, Jerusalem, Afzal, Danah…and many more, I missed you…wishing you all the best.

Fadi, Khalidah, 7ala, Abed ….and others, you’re so lazy 😛

Summer…Hat tip for keeping the originality and the spirit of your blog yet adding more with the new one.

As for me realityآ blogging was just like reality living…no one acceptsآ you easily if you changed orآ soundedآ different not that i give much of a d*** but hey, I notice.

Just like i noticed several blogs with great skill flooding from them: that guy, organic muslimah and the dancer who liked to read.


It has been nice to me…not so good and not bad, except for one nasty thing…I discovered thatآ a certain Blogger went around his air headed friends bashing me among other several female bloggeretts…I had two choices, either a great nasty campaign to really wipe the net with this dude or just neglect that pervert. and i would’ve gone for the first except for the busy schedule I’m always loaded with.

Why would he do that ? I really have no idea but if he’s so sick that he bashes people around just to gain points thenآ I should feel sympathy not anger…and I’m sure my friends who know me and whom i only care what do they think…will never believe him.


To wrap it all up…writing is therapeutic…empties the mind and soul from day to day frustrations and thought traffic.

Every single blogger I had the chance to meet face to face never failed my high expectations.

It’s so personal, to me yet so common and i never felt scared from the huge, wide and hiding eyes behind the screens of the Net.

I played yet simple…and I wish everyone a Simple, nice and peaceful new year 🙂


I’ll be taking a loooong virtual nap from this blog…I’ll try to master that guitar thing 🙂 yeah…i’m learning 🙂 maybe i can let it out some other way..


See you later…Happy 2008آ :)آ