I should’ve known those…to keep me sane today!

Dearest Jerusalem stirred this and as i take another look at it today…well, yes, I would’ve loved to know those to skip the struggle now.

  1. Remember the target i set last week to loose the 20 kg…belmonasba ya3ni today is the weigh in and i lost 4 kg and I’m thrilled for that…guess what? I’m not even gonna treat me something yummy for the achievement…no no, I’m only gonna commit to more exercise which brings me back to the first thing i shouldve known before i turned 18: NEVER take your teen metabolism for granted. Exercising your way up to the thirties make you feel healthy and beautiful and ageless.

  2. You don’t have to sacrifice something that you love for anyone. If your passion is music or writing or hiking or whatever, you can be what youآ wantآ and be with whoever you want while continuing to do what you love.

  3. Take lots of pictures, have lots of friends, take every trip possible,آ try every type of food but slow down on the guys thing…not that big a deal.

  4. Read very mature and sophisticated books but behave as naughty as a child…don’t over do the grown up look and behavior…grown ups don’t like it anyway!

  5. Perfect Love stories areآ a myth!!آ clear and simple…

  6. oh, one more thing, perfect love stories are a MYTH!

آ Now I’m tagging 7ala, fantasia, That guy,آ Summer, Fadi K, Gooogآ and Mais*

Guys, feel free to skipp 🙂

Thanks for jeru 🙂




16 thoughts on “I should’ve known those…to keep me sane today!

  1. I am so excited for your weight loss!! way to go! i will be cheering for you…go girl!
    as for the tag list, very true and only comes from someone with experience like you.
    Thanks for the tag, mine is already up.


  2. you are so wa5da balek !!
    and mabrook the loss of weight…sheklo kol el wa5deen balhom 3amleen diet !!
    this is my 4th month…but stuff are getting ugly now 😛


  3. YA reito alf mabrouk, wallah it would be a miracle if I ever lose 4 kilos in a week (masha2 allah), you know the two greatest pleasures in Jeru’s life is sleeping and eating, yeah believe it or not 😛
    I loved the teen metabolism and the exercise issue, people are not very aware of the fact that it’s not easy to change a habit or instil a new one as people think..
    Plus, the 4th, meets my personality 100%, 5 and 6 work perfect for me as I don’t believe in love anyway, good job and luv u 😀


  4. WoW sharifo…4 months?
    Mashallah 3aleek…akeed ba2eet sharifo cloony by now 😛
    3o2bali 😀
    yeah…i don’t mind being rasha cloony anytime 😀
    ay 5edma ya fandem…asl a5adan elbal da mazag 😛


  5. Yea the books…the second half of the sentence is hard when you are a teen, until you are in your twenties you go a child again if you don’t become a 70 year old one.

    It is weird to answer this question while I was 18 3 years ago, not that time gap to realize the differences or the things I miss, maybe when I begin my career I can start realizing more obviously.

    Congratulations on the weight loss :), 3o2bal el target 😀

    Good post.


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