What’s your wildest dream?

Acting in a Quentin tarantino’s?!

Playing back to back with beckham?

Winning the Nobel prize? a Pulitzer?



What’s your wildest dream?!

You can think of this as a tag or just an old blogger scratching an old fantasy and sharing it with you all…just think back….what?


I’m only in a mood for something so far from all the heartaching serious wild dreams …


My wildest dream is: singing centre stage…Oscar night!






10 thoughts on “What’s your wildest dream?

  1. I dream of rain,
    I dream of gardens in the desert sand,
    I wake in pain,
    I dream of love as time runs through my hands…
    WOW isn’t that wild enough sister, it’s all impossible in this time, isn’t it?!


  2. My wildest dream… 🙂
    It is a cliche really ! but I want to work with WHO=World health Organization+"Medecins sans frintierers= Doctort without borders" ,figure out a cure for cancer and get a noble 😀


  3. LostWithin,
    That is just great 🙂
    May Allah bless you with WHO very soon inshallah…just give it al you’ve got and it’ll be yours.
    Great knowing your dream 🙂


  4. aaaaah…
    I love to dream…ma3 ino my dreams showai madrooba..!!

    first and my favourite one…being a member of a Rock band…electric guitar is just crazy…

    second akoon wazeer fased we amoot eghteyal..!!


  5. haahahahah
    Actually before i got to the last line i was thinking: what’s wrong with sharifo?? balo fe 5alal ma 3ad wa5ed khales…then the el2eghteyal cracked me back to my senses.
    Doctorah fe a5adan elbal 😀
    That’s one wish i can’t wish to come true.
    Rock it with the guitar dude 🙂


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