Good day

This is one good day 🙂

Why? again, like always, I have no idea why…I just remembered that I previously realized that the question Why is a stalling, disturbing Question that only holds me back from moving forward towards better decisions and changes.

So, no need to know why.

What’s guaranteed is that instant rest after stressful times brings all frustrations down and refuels our moral engines to give the max. again.

Having aآ comfyآ sofa while watching a good movie and eating something yummy is a nice way to shift chaotic thoughts to the amnesia lane.

Sometimes i can’t enjoy that coziness when i concentrate on the lack of intimacy in my life but lately I’ve been able to adjust the feelings of emptiness that keeps nagging with feelings of content of what i already have.

I realized that the more you think about something the more it continues to exist and nag…

The choice is mine…concentrate on pain or joy?

I have both and it’s only up to me to let one of them rule.

This is one fine day…wish you the same 🙂

2 thoughts on “Good day

  1. Have a nice sunny Cairo day .. Yes , very true . Life is simple and good times they just come along out of no where …. No need to have it all to be happy..

    Take care


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