ya3ni mesh ma32oolآ Sara tes2alni What’s the FASHENKA7 without writing a post about it.

The FASHENKA7 isn’t just a very famous – Bee2a – name of an Egyptian meal…it’s also a type of character, way of life and for some it’s a religion.

FASHENKA7 has been a myth around my office lately as i teased them everyday with a potential Fashenka7 3ozooma if they were good boys and girls…till the day came and the fashenka7 centered it’s smell in our meeting room…just Imagine the scene…but how can you when you have no idea what the fashenka7 is…actually few people do but i guarantee that you will never forget it once you’ve tasted it.

It’s a Platter that has the following : wara2 3enab, mombar, cannelloni, french fries, ma7shi koronb,ma7shi felfel,chicken fillet, sheesh tawooq, kofta mashweya, veal panne and as a side dish- actually a must with all the above – comes the ground pickled lemon paste with lots of sha6a .

Fashenka7 only available at one place in EGYPT… and i will not say where 3ashan i would have to ask for at least 100 grand for the adv.

Now I have to say that I’m not into that kind of food but elgaw elmo7ee6 be having this meal is so egyptian and bee2a that i love it!

Friends eating and laughing about the name and astonished by the weired mix and lemon paste which is absolutely great…and if you know me you’d know that i love all that it’s Egyptian and bee2a 😀


Now take a moment and think about FASHENKA7 and tell me…does it apply on life, characters or for some…religion?!!




12 thoughts on “FASHENKA7

  1. FASHENKA7 !!
    be7yat allah bede soora ashoof keem momken yeejo ma3 ba3ad !!
    ok..now i have another reason to visit Egypt..
    wade3na fashenka7 6a7n khales awe 3al akher !!

    wa5da balek ?!


  2. Listen it sounds awesome dear, but meshan Allah why wara2 3enab ana mo7taggah we mesh hakol ba2a 😛
    I know, just like everybody say: "you’re the first person I’ve seen who doesn’t like dawali"…
    But sheesh 6awoo2, chicken fillet, what is this, 7aram 3alaikee, I’m being tortured 🙂
    Yeah it does apply to human characters and religions, huge diversity with no definite shape or content 😉


  3. Feshenaka7 !!!
    rewesh 6a7n ! I like learning egyptian words and I second Sharif … a picture is really needed but I think it won’t look as good as it tastes ! y3nee el ashay2 elle jowato la7alhom zaki but together ma b3raf if the mixture will work out aw la2 ….
    and it applys on real life that’s for sure…el denya kolha Fashenka7 in a way ! LOL!


  4. Sharifo, ur granted a BIG fashenka7 platter the minute u step foot on the egyptian ground.

    walahi ba2eet ashok fe akhadan bali shak raheeb :S

    Take care brother.


  5. yes yes i understand…
    but how come u don’t like dawali??!!!
    just like how i don’t like cold fruits..i like fresh goodies to be at room temperature…everyone else like very cold stuff.

    Thankks for the tag dearest…asap inshallah 🙂


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