you are the living proof

He was the living proof of what he stood so hard against.

It dazzled me to see it manifested this way on the spot.

Let me articulate just a little bit and tell you what’s on my mind.


Yesterday I had a couple of friends visiting the new office to discuss some business and chat. I won’t start telling you about the look on their faces when I mentioned a potential deal god’s willing. trying to hide their Impressions that says YOU CAN’T HANDLE it.

I didn’t wanna drag more negativity towards me by telling them what i read on their faces, instead i mentioned a bigger deal i handled in my previous job and move on to another subject.

One of my friends noticed a book called The Secret on the side desk…i put it there as i remembered a quote in it earlier and was checking it’s exact text. He mocked the book and me for believing in it’s “crap”…Kindly notice that he didn’t read it…just heard about it.

I’m calm these days and not capable of arguing which is something against my nature so when he laughed and told me to explain what the book was aboutآ i very calmly replied that it’s about how are thoughts have the energy to attract similar things…when we think negative that’s all we’re gonna get and when we think positive we really get positivity coming our ways.

Again he mocked it calling it crap and against science.

The silly thing was that the disbelief was expressed in a sarcastic and demeaning way that i really felt negativity in the air especially that no reason was offered except that the moral in the book opposed religious beliefs of destiny while totally disregarding other religious concepts like ” bashero wa la tonafero ” orآ what Allah told us to believe in him andآ work and he’d give us what’s best or a greater fact historically provenآ when the few Muslims used to have soآ  much faith in winning battles against their enemies and they would.

Theyآ weren’t negative and ran away thinking they would never win…same concept can be addressed when we think of most successful business men who started from scratch and didn’t have anythingآ but believing in their abilities and going for it.

The short conversation didn’t lead us anywhere exceptآ آ that i believed more in the negative energy and it’s effect as he was the living proof.