” El-Mafroodh ”

It’s so Ignorant, arrogant and In appropriate to sit down, raise a brow and snob on people saying : ” Elmafroodhآ  they would do this or that” or say ” she was Elmafroodh to say this or that “.

Again, it’s the amazingly ridiculous ability for people to judge other people…I can’t quiet get the logic of it that two – supposedly – equal , identical and typical creatures point fingers at each other…although i know we do that all the time. but that will never make it OK!!

Doing something among a major amount of people doesn’t make it OK.


now, about what brought that thought up…it’s that nasty word: Elmafroodh, which i hear all the time from people who do not and i repeat DO NOT do what’s Elmafroodh!!



” eh elly heya labsah dah??!! elmafroodh elmo7agaba matelbessh esharb a7mar”

” fe mo7agaba telbes jeans??!! “

” mafeesh 7aga esmaha neqab, da kofr…elmafroodh weshaha yeban! “

” elmafroodh yesali fe elmasjid…da ragel !! “

” elmowazaf elkowaes mayenfa3sh yet2akhar wala d2ee2a”

” mafeesh 7aga esmaha estesna2at…elmafroodh elmabda2 yeb2a wa7ed 3ala tool”


Well, honestly i think all of the above and its similar patternsآ are justآ a bunch of hypocritic crap!


No one has the right to state what should and should not be done when it comes to HUMANS!

If it’s some chemical equation done in the lab then it would be just fine…but human behaviours and feelings are – by nature – kept out of any calculations.


*A red scarf could be a step towards perfection…the person’s way for taking that step.

*The Jeans could be a temporary lapse in self discipline…or an alternative to taking off the 7ejab completely.

*The neqab, 7ijab, beard,آ outfits or any other action as long as it doesn’t involve trespassing on anyone is totally a PRIVATE decision and no one has the right to judge.

*People can’t say this man should pray in the masjid cause 1- he could be having a hard time getting used to prayingآ aslan. 2- Does everyone do everything they SHOULD do?? everything???

*Every employee i encountered who had the time to criticize his colleagues were so crooked himself that it really puzzled me…and with more serious issues than an accurate attendance.

*Every rule MUST haveآ exceptions…it’s only human, it’s what life is and what life should be or else man kind would’ve been still wearing a one piece leather patch and huntingآ in the wild…nothing lasts forever and nothing keeps rising…sunnat allah fel ard!!


Life has to be as various, colorful and diverse as god has made it…and because god knows exactly what everything and everyone is all about- deep inside-, he is FAIR.

We experience mistakes as well as gaining virtues…and that is what life was designed to beآ and that is how we grow, learn and add value to that place called earth.


Has anyone ever thought that criticizing the little that one does may make him/her feel thatآ the effort done to maintain that thing is useless and would lead them to lettingآ go of it completely??


So people, mind your own self and everything – Elmafroodh – will be perfect.



11 thoughts on “” El-Mafroodh ”

  1. I mostly agree, except about employees showing up on time. When you take the job, you agreed to work a certain number of hours. So il-mafroodh (don’t kill me) that you keep your word! That’s also the smallest of the problems I see at work. What would you say about poeple playing computer games for hours or taking 20 minute smoke breaks every 2 hours ? Bardo if we don’t want to be judged lazem nkhali 3andina dam, no ?


  2. I’m putting down the knief now 😀

    Totally agree about the contract thing but my point was: Imagin the computer game player saying that to an excellent employee for showing up 5 minutes late ONCE!!!

    I mean, messed up people have an incredible nerve to point fingers and that’s beynarfezni gedan!


  3. El mafroudh ya Rasha ma netkallemeesh 3an ennas we7esh keda, looooooooooooool 😀
    Sister, what you said about the 7ejab sepcifically is very important, I started with jeans pants and I ended up with a jelbab, what bothers me the most sometimes is the fact that, ladies not wearing 7ejab are the ones to spit out this ridiculous criticism, as if it was their way out of it to say: "those mo7ajjabat are not perfect either", sad, ha??
    You hit so deep, this post reminds me of the good old days, before some bloggers vanished, like M.M for example, if you still remember him (shekelha el jeezeh haddat 7ailo; him and Fadi too) your posts sounded like thunder…
    Thank you for reminding people that the imperfect conduct might be a step towards a more perfect conduct, and hey may Allah bless you for who you are…
    El mafroodh ba2a, a2assar el comment, cause my sophisticated comments used to bother abu seedo alot, but I won’t do that (5aleeh yefga3) simply cause his comments were like a whole Word page, loooooooooooooooool sister, I love you 🙂



    ya jeru ya 7abebti elgawaz beysawi elhawayel 😀
    Abo seedo wade7 en kan 3ando a looooooooong point to prove…sad he never proved it 😀
    yes yes yes, gheer elmo7ajabat slam mo7ajabat but strict mo7ajabat sadly do it too…at least that’s what came my way.
    i had like 30 close close friends who used to call me regularly and gather at my house for droos eldeen – that was in my previous neqab phase which was great btw- now, they don’t wanna know me cause i’m a mo7ajaba 3adeya that works!

    Love u too ya fahmani 🙂


  5. Yes strict mo7ajabat do it too, unfortunately, and they look at me as if I was a freak cause I speak out my mind or cause I’m wearing jelbab in kind of civilized way 🙂
    BTW, the non 7ejab category hate me cause I look too strict for them and the strict mo7ajabat want me to throw a neqab or the prayer cover that covers up to the waist, wallah I don’t care, it’s only Allah, my lord whom I need to satisfy..
    About the gawaz thing, I’m still 3ezbetta, so when 7adrety a5osh el 2afas el dahabi I’ll let you know about the suffocation I’m suffering, until then, abu seedo is a poor she 😀


  6. WOW … I loved this post ! you are totally right !
    just add to this "wento malko list" questions like ..
    1. When shall u get married .. yalla shedy 7elek
    2. Mafeesh haga gaya fel sekka …

    Oh my God begad …


  7. WOW … I loved this post ! you are totally right !
    just add to this "wento malko list" questions like ..
    1. When shall u get married .. yalla shedy 7elek
    2. Mafeesh haga gaya fel sekka …

    Oh my God begad …


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