It’s summer time…and the livin’ is easy


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This summer is divided in our minds in two…before Ramadan/after Ramadan…so, this summer so far has been good.

I had a nice sha2fa of beach time, pool time and such and i had a bigger sha2fa of hanging out with my random friends and crazy kids.


I can’t think about summer and not remember the huge mistake i did when i bought tons of out fits that didn’t really fit on a promise that I’m on a diet and I’ll get into them in two weeks comfortably…BIIIG mistake!


I ended up buying some fitted comfortable out fits 3ashan i didn’t loose the targeted weight 😦

but…ya3ni that’s ok gedan gedan…who knows, maybe i could wear them mmmmm one day!


About work – the biggest concern – I’m doing good al7amdlelah but still I’m looking for that DEAL…THEONE…IT…you know what i mean.


Movies…one movie marked in my mind…CABARET…it was a good weaved movie…I still want to see Ahmed helmy’s 3ashan i like his easy comedy ( no exaggeration nor profanity )…as for American ones…what happens in Vegas is still the ACE.

Can you sense how light I’m becoming 😀 diet or no diet i just seek comedy…mesh na2sa waga3 alb 😀


I read on some blog an anticipation regarding the upcoming few Ramadans which will be in summer…what will Muslims do? will they hit the beaches anyway?

Well, el7a2ee2a i didn’t like the questioning aslan…Ramadan or no Ramadan it’s all about Individual choices and mindsets.

If someone is fully dedicated they will keep their clothes on while fasting, if not yeb2a khalas…baseeta…allah bey7aseb ba2a.


Now, before Ramadan…i want to take the kids and hit the coast for a few days…Inshallah soon.


Have a good day…

It’s summer time and the livin’ is easy 🙂


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