Joint Initiation

Last Ramadan flew just like a rocket and I couldn’t help but feel very poor on the good deeds of the holy month.

and while I was ranting about it here on my blog and giving myself hope that stressing on my faith doesn’t have to be a Ramadan task, My dear friend and fellow blogger Jerusalem shared my feelings and hope of a better grounded acts of faith.

She Innovated an action plan that can help keep us on track of our actions…Life tend to distract don’t you agree?!!

May Allah bless her suggested the attached…and as she named it : The Joint initiation was meant to be shared with whoever finds him/herself willing and in need of a few guidelines.

Committing to such a schedule isn’t easy and I know so…and even finding the desire deep inside is a reluctant move that – speaking about myself – required certain state of mind and soul…

I believe it’s a reminder of the lost link and spirituality with Allah…

May we always have the power to want and the strength to give…mainly for ourselves.


4 thoughts on “Joint Initiation

  1. Hello .. How are you ?

    There’s something wrong with your page .. I can’t see a list of the posts you post here like it used to.

    I salute both of you .. But where is the plan ? I can’t see it.



  2. Fadi…mnawar ya sadeeqy wallah šŸ˜€
    click on the month on the side bar…you’ll be able to see it all.
    ya reit matghebsh 3aleena awi keda šŸ™‚
    salut for Mrs. K and beautiful 7ala šŸ™‚


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