Fools in command

In a four x four room…In a cold lonely night

After babies have slept….And all seem quiet

I turn to a screen, of a pale gray picture

Hoping for a distraction, a laugh…a lame lecture

A song plays old, of faraway pains

Blood and wounds…An image of rage

They tell a story of a kid, a father…a land that once belonged

To a distant meaning of humanity. It had a story of some killings

A thousand scar and a forbidden Surrender to the other side

Any side…any tide, even an end…a closure

They play tunes and sing songs…To tell the story to which it belongs

As if it’s news…a form of legacy, yet, it’s not forgotten…abandoned…but,

It’s painful hearing those words, I know the story…stop those swords

My heart is aching as I lay still in bed Listening to vibes…not moving instead

Those tears are chocking me…I can’t breathe anymore

I can’t move a muscle or walk out that door

I want to shield those people from bullets and fire

I want to fly away to demolish that invasive desire

But, I’ll grab a tissue for now…and wipe away my tears

The chocking won’t relief or shut away my fears

Maybe I need to learn about aiming and shooting

Maybe a song will be written, someday to mourn my land

That day a picture of men I knew will make it to the stands

That day I’ll hold the gun and lend a hand and pay my dues

Like every other person in this land of fools

As fools repeat every sin again, again and again

A closed dumb circle of misery and pain

A blind justice rules and verdicts are all the same

More hurt, more loss, more agony and strain

I am still in bed…holding those tissues

Tearing them into a million tears

I won’t handle the lot anymore

I’ll throw them in a basket…change the channel

Shut a window….the door and a heart that’ sore


Will wait for the words of fools

And fools in command

Although…I know…I’ll never understand

Never understand


One thought on “Fools in command

  1. Allah has decreed that the party of Allah are the winners, so lets be among the members of that party.
    Well said about what is brewing inside you and inside any decent human not just Muslims.
    Any yes it’s a must to learn how to shoot.
    May Allah Grant us Victory


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