A Light bulb moment

Last night during a Managerial accounting session, that nice Dr. of our class said something that opened a whole new perspective for me.

As usual, in my case, it was rather simple but really unpuzzled lots of question marks and shook away lots of blur!


He was talking about Decision making and how at one point one can decide to delete a line of production or not, accept a sales offer or not…he explained the criteria by which we could judge then decide…he stopped for a second and said:


Even in your personal life you should have relevant criteria. Sometimes I meet Great business men and managers who at one point fail to make a decision…they would look hesitant, right there and then I know that the sharp clear criteria in their brain isn’t set…it is where we all have our standards of right and wrong, 7alal and 7aram…when it’s clear, we take seconds to decide. and when we feel hesitant, we should stop, value and set our criteria…decisions would come naturally assertive then.”


As he said those words I smiled as I felt my light bulb moment.

I saw scraps of situations when i was all blurry and defused yet took actions with   indecisiveness and without any clear knowledge of what I Should do…in most cases that was when my heart desires something…I loose control over my head then. I’ve always, and after i passed the experiences, thought to myself…how could I!!

Now I know how could I…I had no clear criteria to base my judgments upon…and I had no Idea that I had no criteria then nor that my heart interacts with my mind and shuts it off.


What’s fascinating is that realizing that and only realizing regain the control over both parties and answers the questions why and provide extra tools for future assertiveness.


I know I won’t be able to elaborate nor articulate about how the light bulb moment felt or what did it mean to me.

I’m marking the moment with a great feeling that I’m thankful and grateful for the extra supply of moral ammunition I was blessed to gather.


And BTW, Managerial accounting is actually interesting!

2 thoughts on “A Light bulb moment

  1. Been always on the move … Just like me 🙂

    "Keep it simple" & " Tie the camel exactly where its owner desires " are rules useful to apply all the time …. Tell your teacher my friend Fadi says so.


  2. fadi…mesh 3arfa mawdoo3 tie elcamel da khales.
    I get all heated up that wrong is done and injustice in the most minor things irritates me big time.

    bas, i’ll take the keep it simple advice…and i’ll tell my teacher that i’m blessed to have a friend called fadi 🙂


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