Blog blog ya 3am el7ag!!

It has been four years of blogging, two deleted, one hidden and two published blogs…hundreds of posts…thousands of comments and countless visits.

I have seen tides of bloggers rise and others fade…some evolve into greater sites and some change identity so i could call myself an oldie…or belbaladi, m3alema!

Anyway, I’ve always treated my blogging with respect…i used it to rant on behalf of the whole world (yes…this is how much i ranted)…made great friends along the way and extracted -what i’d like to believe- some hidden talents if i may say…as prior to December 2006 i never knew i had it in me to write short stories nor poems.

now…as i look around my dear aggregator (Qwaider Planet) i feel excited when i see how much quality blogs are added on daily bases…i do miss a certain cosy feeling among a smaller community of friends we once had but i realize that most of the bloggers i was friends with years ago have been more involved in life and less in blogging and that is a great thing i guess.

As I read around i notice that the personal approach is retreating from posts…personal life stuff is private and rarely discussed…most blogs post upon gomhoor request…so…only witty social observations or political ones or even technical is being published and stuff like ” i had a terrible diarrhea last night” are vanishing and never shared…not that it is important to discuss the bowl movement  🙂

I notice bardo that many bloggers have gone private and allowed a few to view their blogs…many have changed blogs like i did…to me it’s like changing a car or having a new look (yes, it involves escaping some annoyance).

Best blogging is the kind that you write without thinking and worrying what would readers think…if not, it would turn into a fake daily routine…EWW!

Blogging is a great fun therapeutic…happy blogging 🙂