, Tuesday the second.


that vicious circle of blame…blaming others for our pains…blaming ourselves for the bad choices, the people we have brought close enough to hurt us or even our weaknesses.

Fact is, setting the records straight and evaluating those choices, circumstances or people is useful…scanning situations to know how to deal, re take control and lead is essential…but not wounding and whipping our selves with blame…it then, becomes a delaying weapon… the most stressful strain…and sometimes a disability.

Skill is – for people who struggle with it – to STOP…and think here and now…evaluate facts…and feelings then act.

I, for one, have had enough of that useless hurtful blame…I, for one, get blinded by its pain and i wake up…whenever i do on a crisis of my own irrational doing because of those layers of anger and hurt blame creates…


through life i would choose the role of a warrior than the victim…and therefore i often choose to state my mind, fight for my opinions and speak out…sometimes even rage.

yet, if life require me taking stands…me speaking out and opposing thoughts of some very dear people to my heart…or not…who will hear me first…who needs my words to mark the event…the day…that phase in my life?!

Most likely myself!

and towards myself…i need to be tender in those statements…form a thread of pearls that are linked by my life and contain my ideals…fights are not always a necessity….sometimes calm voices echo more.

*I believe that Allah would/ might grant me heaven.

otherwise, i could end up in hell just for believing otherwise.

I learned those ideas today among a couple more…I learned them scanning my patterns…my emotions…what matters.


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