, Tuesday the third.

I don’t know when will the insightful sessions will end. I don’t know for how long will i be granted this bliss. All i know is that i am trying to capture as much light as i could.


Every moment in life, as long as i am alive, I’m in control of those arrows pointed at me and flying towards me to stamp me with other people’ seals…I can either divert them or break them or allow them to penetrate my being and label me forever with other people’s definition of things.

No, people’s words and attitudes will not shame me…as long as i am proud, experiencing my right to be and not harming others.

Arrows of arrogance and ignorance will not sedate me into another stereotype, for every human is unique and has the right to experience that uniqueness.

Love, kindness, freedom and generosity will never be vocabularized as dumbness and stupidity…not during my moments…not with my control.

Generalizations – not:

I am not allowed to generalize when i think of what’s most intimate and personal…I shouldn’t care what all women do or seem…nor what all men are alike…no generalization is permitted to fit into my equation…no generalization is allowed to color my picture…for they are made from my shades to draw my details…not another blood…just mine.


casual words, making love, affection, kindness and ideals are holy…if they are true…honest…sincere and real.

It’s a lie to limit holiness in a category or two…holy is the bare skin…the bare truth of our hearts…and those truths should always be treated this way.

I remorse every second i deprived Holinesses from their own nature.


Massive impact.

– Passion

– In charge

– tenderness with oneself

– remorse


2 thoughts on “, Tuesday the third.

  1. “Love, kindness, freedom and generosity will never be vocabularized as dumbness and stupidity…not during my moments…not with my control”

    I wish I could do that..I wish i had that control (wa5adan el bal) and i wish i can hear only what i choose to 😛

    el 7amdulelah..inti wa5da balek 🙂


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