I know it is Friday March 26th 2010

It is minutes past midnight now…My mobile gave me a buzz…reminding me of my marriage anniversary.

Dear Mobile,

I have not forgotten.

Actually i remembered that day almost everyday throughout the past year.

I wouldn’t be exaggerating if i said that it was the strangest most exciting day in my life…and i wouldn’t be dramatizing if i said that it will probably be the year that i will remember every second in it till the day i die.

It was rich, full, passionate, challenging, raw, true, painful, joyful, stressful, fulfilling and mature…it was the year i experienced love, enjoyed it and paid its price.

My dear 2.5 years old mobile,

How could you remind me?!! you should’ve neglected my instructions when i set that date into your calendar…you’ve witnessed more than 10 thousand text messages and days long of calls…you have known what i know and saw how i dealt…

My dear mobile…you know i love you…as you’re the best i could ask for in a mobile…you’re strong, never failed me and always kept me connected to my loved ones…but I’m afraid you must go now…I need to let you go…you have reminded me of the one day i will keep carved in my mind and heart forever…you’ve treated it as if it’s forgetable…neglectable…how could you.

I really don’t know how could you…It’s the day that started a whole new chapter in my life…the day that opened my eyes to a whole new world and a whole new set of feelings and a whole new type of people…new concepts…new challenges.

That day will never be forgotten and i won’t let you do that to me again…rub it in me…with your little icon that is nicely shaped as a gift and that little smiley i typed right beside it and those few letters that are SO big in my eyes… the letters that drawn me… MARRIAGE…

It was a thursday…it was about seven or eight in the evening…I saw nothing, felt nothing and realized nothing but the sweet sensation that my husband wrapped me in…I remember i was scared…I was trembling as i held the pen to sign next to his name and right above his father and his brother’s names…I was super excited yet doped…as if i’m out of my body watching the events and not getting what is what and who is who and not getting why…all i felt was the smooth calm sweet sensation.

I signed…and my life was no longer the same…hours after it was fireworks all over the place…and they kept firing till this moment…they were never put off…never ceased to either burn me or celebrate me…

As a matter of fact, my husband begun celebrating our anniversary a day before…he gave me flowers, took me out to a romantic dinner where he kissed my hand and i kissed his…we laughed, danced, hoped for long years of happiness and devotion to come…i think we will be celebrating more today and tomorrow and forever…i couldn’t be any happier…

Don’t you dare call me a delusional liar!!

You will be going, i tell you.

You silver little fool…how could you remind me of a day that re-wrote my identity and changed my heart for ever??!

I will never forget that day…never!!

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