An Unlawful country

I live in one dangerous chaotic country that does not apply nor follow its own laws.

It drove me mad today as i saw a lady sitting beside her husband in the front seat and holding her baby…apparently a new born because he was in a baby case made of sponge and cloth!!

the baby’s head was facing her and resting on the dashboard…i tried to come close to warn her…yell…wave…do anything but we were speeding on a highway and they took a sudden turn to the right so i lost them.

I don’t know whether she’s ignorant or stupid or just a reckless woman who doesn’t deserve being a mom.

and I don’t know how the hell does our lousy police leave such violations be the norm…that wasn’t the first time, of course…I saw it many times…and what makes me angry is that no one speaks…as if some crimes are dealt with as part of our chaotic behaviour as a nation…we’ve become numb…we stopped caring about many things and now we even stopped caring about the lives of our children…this mother is a criminal… babies belong in their tight chairs in the back seat…these are international safety precautions… 

Not enough that the police allow violations like drinking under the influence, exceeding speed limits mid town and harassing girls (aslan, patrol officers do much of the harassing themselves) to be done under their noses…as if we are above the harm…as if jeopardizing people’s lives is an ordinary daily action.

It has become a mad behaviour…I blame everyone in the streets who’d see such dangers and shut up…I blame the police…and i am not much of a critic of my country because i always see the cause of the fault…and the cause is always corruption of the human nature…but such actions aren’t that…it’s neglecting the worth of our humanity…and that is no government’s fault…it is the people’s!

It makes me angry and boiling just to realize how harm and hurt are normal now…the average man doesn’t cease to harm and hurt others in every form and shape…loved ones, relatives, colleagues or mere strangers…

A driver would run over a cat and laugh!!

A mom would put a new born in a 50:50 chance for death and sings along with the radio…

A father would abandon his kids and leaves them in the streets for a piece of ass or a drug or whatever shit he follows…

A friend would deliberately trash his friends just to fill time and gossip.

Love has no meaning…life has become cheap…and humans are names and numbers.

What the hell is going on?!!

Between harm, abuse, cheating, lying, corruption and violence we do live and some good people try to hold their head up high and make a clean path in the middle of a sea of trash and soul diseases…and they suffer for a living!

Decent life has become a challenge.

Everyone who’d jeopardize the life of another human being should be prosecuted…It is no joke…it is a precious life in danger.

Damn, i am angry…and hurt!!


3 thoughts on “An Unlawful country

  1. @goog, 😦

    @ Haitham, i think it’s that and more…the situation has managed to affect the spirit!!
    bendee3 as a nation!


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