It really hurts!

I’m not sad…I wasn’t sad…This is not a sad post.

Yesterday, April 17th was my dad’s memorial…He passed away three years ago at that exact date…and it wasn’t remembering  that hurt me…i always remember him…it was a couple other things.

  • It was realizing how lazy i have been about approaching the media and reviving his name and his work.
  • It was realizing how the Egyptian media (specially vital programs like masr elnaharda) didn’t remember him.
  • and realizing that till this day i didn’t make his wish, that i make a website containing all his TRUE history, biography and music.

Through out the day while i worked and dealt with family i felt some kind of hurt. I was in a very cynical bad mood and every present half disturbing thing maximized in my head.

All i did was remind my brother and sister that we should read him alfate7a and pray for him…

Later last night i googled his name to find lots of false info about him…and news yet one site made a page for his biography…it was the best i found online yet very very poor in context…so, i am searching for a company that would give me a domain and i will do my best collect his work and pics and info.

No one gets how i feel and I can’t actually talk about it…normally i know how to explain myself but regarding this issue i feel hurt and mad at others for no apparent reason and i shut up.

thing is, Hassan abo elsoud was a very good man and a very good musician and he deserved very good attention…but who am i to speak, being the brat who was too indulged in her own personal struggles to do her duty towards her father.

ra7mat allah 3aleeh…and I’m doing something.


3 thoughts on “It really hurts!

  1. allah yer7amu o ye7sen eleh he was great i always remeber him playing “ocordion” in one songs

    i guess the date is 17th april not march, and if u need help i can help u in setting the website u are planning too


  2. Thank you dear Mayyasi for the correction 🙂
    And thank you for the offer, i really appreciate it and we’ll keep in touch.


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