Articulate Self

I speak…I know how to speak…how to make myself clear…How to make my case…How to elaborate how i feel…I know how to speak.

Months ago I bragged my ability of speaking my mind regardless of ANY consequences…I always let out how i feel in accurate words…I bragged it and i practiced my rightful right to speak up and unfold my thoughts, information i have and how i feel about them.

Very recently i challenged myself to control my spoken emotions…to speak of an idea without its details and without its proof.


Because I’m being selfish…I gave myself the liberty to be selfish and exercise my Machiavellian aspect.

I choose to keep somethings quiet to preserve my nerves…to maintain stability although it maybe a fake one.

I choose to keep a routine and let life unfold leaves of wisdom farther from the narrow margin of wisdom i chose previously to live in…I choose to let time pass…fix…uncover…maybe heal.

I still speak…but in time of difficulty i learned to contain my urge to scream out the sharp words i need to say…I sit back and let the stream of other dangerous minds hover around me…defined as they truly are, without any interference from my side…let meanings live…lies occur…love grow and ties tighten or crawl away loose.

“Time needs time” a dear friend of mine used to tell me that, while laughing at how silly it sounds and how resentful i look…she just knew that my restless impatient  self  needs to be gracefully aware that time fixes sore/confusing situations.

I have let my words be my sword of revenge…as I’ve let them be silk sheets that wrap my loved ones.

Recently I’ve been practicing saying  less…well, sometimes.

My actions are a totally different story…another story.

2 thoughts on “Articulate Self

  1. True ya Roosh you have an amazing way to express your thoughts and feelings with words, I envy you because i cant do the same which keeps me sometimes speechless though i still have allot to say,leading me always to an incomplete or endless conversation.
    7abebty its good to have control over your words specially when you are angry BUT i don’t agree at all with just letting things pass without saying how i feel, even if that is to be expressed with anger, because letting the anger out is the easiest and fastest way to solving whatever is in a mess that is bothering me.
    Agree with (giving time time) because its capable of healing pain,making a person more relaxed and living in the present time not crying over the past, but guess what sweetheart its never capable of making someone forget !


  2. @ sweet hubby,
    mesh someone…ana in particular never forget…bas the new direction is to allow time to take its time…mesh being on my toes like a cat in defense 24/7…
    glad we agree…again.


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