A typical Devil…

And We’ve been informed that devils get chained and locked away during Ramadan…

And we’ve been informed that when devils get questioned for smoothing the paths of sin for people and urging them to commit what is forbidden and wrong, they plea innocent…they accuse people of holding all that is nasty and evil in their hearts…they claim that they only help people do what they want to do…they claim that people are more sinners than they ever were…they say: people could deny there’s a god and could deny having to obey him, but we never did that…we only made mistakes.

We’ve been informed that devils are weak and can never have any power over humans unless humans let them ride their wagons and guide their ways.

Ironic that devils have the “baga7a” to call people names and accuse them…

calling people who are sometimes sinful, weak and foolish the worst sinners, worst than all the harms and evil devils inflect is typical…typical of devils!!

And taking devils as the excuse to sin and fault is typical…typical of man!!

So…Evil are the devils…and foolish are the people…

and i bet that whoever commits evil and foolishness in Ramadan is: a typical human without excuse!!


5 thoughts on “A typical Devil…

  1. gosh i am definitely not a typical human… i blame me for my mistakes/sins whatever… too arrogant to blame it on anyone, even iblees zat nafsoh!

    i love you so much.


  2. Well maybe its true devils are chained in Ramadan but still the baby little diavolettos in each one of us are on the loose 😉
    Ya 7aram we always blame devils for being evil forgetting that we all have a more devilish side .


  3. @Ahmed,
    shoof elmahzala…devlish people blame devils!! Ironic wallahi…

    Excellent addition! and the main cause of all problems!


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