From someone who have almost seen it all from a woman’s perspective, and from a woman who has been goofy most of her life…even about miseries, and from someone who has had a decent amount of hardships…ups and downs, and who has experienced what happiness is, what heart ache is and what delusions are…From someone who never accepted failure, and never stopped giving and never resented taking and never allowed herself to stop living even when the idea was so tempting, From myself i say to all the ladies out there:

Women are either bitches or moms!

And by a bitch i mean all that it is about selfishness, playfulness and materialism…the sort that has no boundaries and knows no shame…the sort that would seek a high on any cost…and would seek the lowest just for the kick of it.

And by a mom i mean all that it is about giving and cherishing and self-value…not necessarily a mother for a kid or two…but a woman who holds the secret of life in the value she holds for her self…the proud…the tender…the beautiful inside out…the devoted…the honest.

Between those types lie a third kind of women…the “don’t know who i am type”…the type that cherishes the mom in her yet acts like a bitch…and that type unfortunately contains most women…

And the reason i only stated two types in the bold notion above is: eventually the messed up type finds a final rest in one of two…the confused mommy bitch decides if she wants to settle for being a total bitch or an outstanding mom.

And women after they settle for the type they burn themselves up trying to be the best in it….at least the best they know how…

Bitches turn into the lowest trash on earth, they go around ruining homes, seducing men and abusing their own soul out of mere humanity.

While Moms turn into a big tree sheltering a huge amount of family and friends, feeding and feeling for everybody around her…settling for every body’s leftovers…and everybody’s’ spare time…

Is any of them happy?? Really happy???

Ladies, you don’t have to pick a category,not if you’re smart…you just need to choose to be happy…and happy doesn’t mean being the chick Open for every passing man nor the burnt out mom…You choose to be a happy woman…who would love  a man and nurture a kid if possible but never stop valuing herself nor neglecting it.

Be bold, pursue happiness…enjoy how special you are…practice your right to be free…free from choking cliches, free from the devastating sound in you…free from extremes…free from fake interpretations of safety and false means of happiness that would only hurts you more and more.

From someone who recently discovered that she lived most of her life delusional, someone who is doing everything she can think of to practice her humanity to the maximum by re-evaluating all the mistakes and is willing to do some more as long as she’s learning…Woman, Be a healthy happy adult*.

*For inspiration:

– Look up the term “healthy happy adult” in any psychology website.

– Listen to this and read very well those lyrics.


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