Confused reflection in the mirror

I know it’s hard, not to know..

What wraps and ties a little tight bow

around the heart…the sea of having nothing to know

I know I may deserve to know

I know i should neglect to know

I know i must fight to know

and  i don’t know

What i want…what i need…

The lie…the cheat…

The truth and its heat

the damp wild defeat

I once hated knowing…and i now hate not knowing

What’s wrong with me

Why does it happen and why do i hurt

Sometimes i wish i was less

and sometimes i cherish being more

all the time i feel i should aim

and always hate being the score…their score

If people are toys…and life is a game

I break the rules and refuse to be blamed

I refuse to escape…I refuse to be lame

I connect with a wild abandoned child that always proclaim,

A right to survive

and be all alive

and be shiny like stars

Brilliant like the smartest living guy

and be the destination and the healing of scars

I don’t know how does it go…

How is it spelled

the right tune to be hummed

I’m maybe overwhelmed

Confused and blurry,

are my sight and frame

vague are my colors

And i’m being with no name

I don’t know what i need to know

And it burns and inflames

My sanity…my passions

and most of my veins.


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