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You know the type…the one who can’t function without the motivation.

No obligation, no sense of responsibility, no appreciation for the value he has, no peace inside and no insight.

That type drools and strives for that dangling carrot…the one that looks luscious being far away from his reach…the one that is not his…the yummy carrot that keeps him all excited and hot.

Well, the naughty rabbit would jump up high trying to get it…he doesn’t care if he breaks his legs…doesn’t care that stealing is wrong…and always forgets that he owns a freshly picked punch of carrots for his indulgance…no no…he is just greedy and he just finds the temptation of the dangling carrot irresistible.

So…best case scenario is, he gets the carrot…eats it…feels no good afterwards, as he was already full….then he’d lose all enthusiasm until he spots a new carrot dangling out of his reach somewhere…and spends his life being jumping jack…who has nothing but racing to get to the new dangling temptation…and ends up with nothing but an empty, cold and hungry life till he dies.

I have to be honest here, i never liked rabbits nor carrots, i just find the dangling carrot concept so intriguing to write about…to expose such stupidity and Voracity.

*I’m fully aware that there is a donkey in my photo, not a rabbit :)

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  1. Sometimes motivation is important, it increases my productivity by 100%.
    I know what you mean, and it is very related to people who like more money, who want to cheat on their wife/husband, etc…

    Great post :)

  2. Hi .. Neither do I … Carrots make me thirsty.

    I personally think that team spirit holds definition only when people are self initiative so they get the message when motivated. You are true … Many scavengers are out there.

    Nice theme for a blogger by nature.


  3. @Goog,
    Yes, motivations are good, but shouldn’t be the only reason to function.
    I know you understand me :)

    They need great teeth and much hydration :)
    In business, i find that team spirit is more efficient than individual motivation.
    Glad you liked the theme, old blogger :)

    • Dave
    • Posted April 14, 2013 at 2:51 am
    • Permalink

    Sure, team spirit is great, until a person who is your manager doesn’t know how to say no to his above superiors and say “we need more resources”. Where you work 40 hrs a week. Then 48. Then more. So, when do you draw the line? “Here, take a few days off for your compensation” when the cost of health care goes up every year. Can’t keep up with cost of living increases if you are not getting OT or a cost of living a year.

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