Can we stand up for cancer?

We all know about the Stand up for cancer 2010 event, i guess.

An amazing event where many many movie, TV, music and sport stars speak to help raise funds for more research to find more cures to cancer.

Stars like George clooney, Will smith, Christina applegate, Denzel Washington, Stevie Wonder and many more participated on that non commercial telecast for one hour on most TV channels in the US to raise money.

for the last two years, the same event has been raising up to a 100 million$ for cancer research.

Ok, that is beautiful…but you gotta think…

Do we “Egyptians” research? and if we do, do we get enough money to help us research? does the government embrace and facilitate research?

My answer is that i am almost positive that the funds employed by the government for research doesn’t help a cockroach research about the sewers!!

Do we stand up for cancer?

Can we raise money for such IMPORTANT research using some other way but the famous stadium concerts?

not that anything is wrong with that other than the number of donation raised on such event will be from several thousands of people not from millions of the Egyptian people…

Could the national television accept to air an hour of TV broadcast free of charge to call for such donations…so the whole population can donate as little as 1 pound or as big as millions to fund such researches?May be ask various types of artist to each make a minute or two act/ song/ speech to back up the cause so that the fans for each artist would be intrigued to help…

I don’t have to answer…I am merely inviting some institute or ministry within the government to make such an initiative…

I applaud the Stand up for cancer organization and I really hope we could follow the idea and make some good ourselves…

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