It’s time to stop!

It takes a very honest, a very insightful and a very faithful person to know when is the right time to stop.

To stop a deliciously painful relationship…To stop taking the roller coaster of failed projects…or to stop performing while someone’s actually great at what they do.

Stopping here doesn’t mean defeat, giving up or letting go…it means to win self-respect, to gain more value and to experiment new more suitable passions of life.

Maybe Fairouz, the one and only, who has one of the most unique voices of the last century and the contributor to the most special musical school in the middle east should have really thought about leaving her musical legacy as perfect as it is without the most recent contribution…an album that contained great music, and great techniques that didn’t manage to hide the age related crack in her amazing singing ability.

To have an ongoing  passion for music never means standing on stage trying to minimize the singing range of the phrases because it is not attainable any more.

To live the passion fully till the very last breath sometimes means limiting the disclosure and enjoying the satisfaction of sharing a kind of art that will live as long as humans will ever live…

Fairouz, of course can sing…a lot better than any of our current singers…but when had she ever competed with others?!!

She is the one, and the only competition really is between herself now and herself a few years back.

The glowing star will forever shine if left up in the sky…but if it would fall on earth it would turn into a burnt out stone…


9 thoughts on “It’s time to stop!

  1. well, as you said, the last album isn’t bad…but when comparing with older albums…it fails!
    for me i’m waiting mohammeds adaweya new album…hehehehe i know eish jab toz la mar7aba…bas aho kolo mazeeka 😛

    have a good day full of wa5adan el bal…coz i lost it all !


  2. I respectfully disagree! Her new album is just wonderful and her voice is still the same. I do agree that her older albums are way way better but still she represents PERFECTION in ever sound that comes out of her mouth.


  3. @Sharifo,
    Honak 3elaqa watheeqa bayna Toz wa Mar7aba 😀
    I don’t believe you…you can never lose wa5adan elbal even if you wanted to 😛

    I know what you mean…she is the most perfect singer in our modern history…her feeling and tone of voice is still as brilliant as the same.
    But her ability has grown limited…naturally because of her age.
    That being said, I am the biggest fan and my post was out of love 🙂


  4. @Rasha
    Actually let me be honest with you. Her voice isn’t SOFT as before. It’s a bit different. This is what i noticed from listening to her album almost 10 times until now and carefully listening not just listening while being busy with something.


  5. Its Ziad Rahbani, the greatest Arabic musician, and her voice makes it perfect,
    Great album, but for sure like u said not comparing to the oldest .

    its enough now i guess, no more after this one!! 🙂


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