Let’s just NOT call it a birthday!!

Come On…give me a  break…just use your mind a bit!!

So, here’s how it started:

My sweetest Jeeka asked to share a cake with her classmates on her birthday, which happens to be today ().

I wrote to her class teacher to ask if it was OK and appropriate to squeeze in the schedule a quick bite of cake.

The teacher replied via the “Chanel book” and said it was Ok but she wrote: “Let’s just not call it a birthday, it would be like a dish party…as birthdays are 7aram (forbidden)”

 OK, I am a reasonable person and I am someone who actually has a good idea about my religion (giving the fact that i studied it, practiced it fully at some point in my life and I believe in it at all time).

I know why some scholars refuse the birthday concept… because it is a new trend to feast over someone’s birthday…and some “religious” people just copied that opinion without giving it much thought.

And thinking is actually applicable in such small matters…As whether to celebrate birthdays or not is not a matter of conviction or something that has been stated in our holy book or mentioned in the profit’s (PBUH) teachings.

And I think that getting an 8 year old girl a heart-shaped chocolate cake and a toy and celebrating that her tiny hands got a tad bigger or that she has grown a little taller would never upset Allah from us.

I mean, Allah the almighty, the loving, the merciful is way closer and way bigger than such small stuff.

While i’m defending a little girl’s giggles over a cake and some confetti, I am totally against wild partying where many sins can be done and extravagant celebrations…I am just pro simple excuses to have a little fun for a change…

A birthday is actually a good chance to make our loved ones feel special and pampered because in the midst of our crazy lives we do need such a break in our stiff routines.

7aram and 7alal has been the game of tennis between people who have absolutely no idea how Allah really is…

I believe that If we really cared to know Allah we would actually enjoy our religion…we would enjoy praying, giving to the poor, being good to eachother and knowing the Quran.

We let other frowned interpretations create a big solid wall between us and our faith.

We look around and see religious people contradict their own words every single day so we create bigger walls and start drifting away from the faith tavern that was meant to be given to us.

Being faithful is beautiful…Allah loves us…We can enjoy being devoted to you religion and We can enjoy obeying Allah only if we broke the walls, neglected other people and got to know him.

My little cute pie turned eight years old today, Happy birthday and everyday sweet Jumana 🙂


6 thoughts on “Let’s just NOT call it a birthday!!

  1. so2al ba2a 3ashan 3e2 el estefzaz na2a7…

    if a birthday is “7aram”, why is a dish party ok?? isn’t the concept of a dish party “western” as well, hence “bed3a”….


    they give too much weight to the word “3eed” melad… when they can simply call it “yoom” milad (the litteral translation of “birthday”) and get over the imposed guilt!!!!

    they say it’s the “rituals” that make it qualify as “bed3a”, but it’s none sense because at the end of the day neither the celebration nor its “rituals” are to worship anyone but Allah, or glorify anyone but his prophet… it’s just about giving extra attention to the birthday person….

    this is exactly why i don’t trust people with explaining religion to my sons, people overuse the term “7aram” until everything related to religion is morbid!

    the rest of the comment is between you and me….

    kiss the princess for me and let’s plan something little for her 😀 (pool on saturday after sessions *wink wink*)


  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay 😀
    Hugs Hugs Hugs, i get to go to the pool 😀 lol
    shofty el omooma!

    What can we do?! kids will always hear weired stuff, it’s up to us fix their minds from the crap they will encounter.

    enaho 7aqan la mogtama3 magnoon.


  3. I’m really amazed on how people call little things like birthdays haram and leave many major sins done by big people not-discussed.

    For example if a birthday haram, then what is the description of screwing the health and wealth of all Egyptians? Is giving a little child some happy moment haram and the big things which needs to be really discussed and fought against are left alone?

    I’m really angry!


  4. Goog,
    It is making me angry as well…the hypocrisy and zero logic double standards.
    How ever, The little kitten had her celebration and she was happy and so were her friends…and know what, I hear that her teachers were happy as well…they had cake and gave her little cards and colored pens 🙂
    It is hard to resist a chocolate cake shared with a girl in braids 🙂
    I don’t know when will this society wake up…I just keep praying it would.


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