Lady Mosquito against the Math

So, Lady mosquito was wandering by the water canal…trying to decide whether to sting the donkey that was taking a bath in the canal or the guy who sat there listening to the radio and watching the sunset.

Lady mosquito thought against having her dinner feast from the donkey, after all…it was grey…too grey…and it looked like his owner had no idea about the basics of bathing.

The romantic guy watching the sunset was a yummier promise, so… the mosquito directed all of the hunger in her into a quick fly towards the guy…she aimed for the neck, the juicier part but to her surprise the guy turned his head suddenly after a woman covered in black, with mud up to her knees called at him…the mosquito was about to crash onto the back of his neck (aka 2afa) but she managed to make a slick manoeuver; yet, she hit something she didn’t see and felt like falling into a narrow curvaceous tunnel.

Seconds passed before she realized she was inside something alive!

she got used to the darkness and managed to hop along the tunnel…she was positive she’d find a way out if she kept moving so she did…and suddenly a huge pale-pink body that produced a very strange vibe shocked her so hard that her tiny extra thin legs melted and were glued to the slimy ground.

The radiations and flashlights blinded her but she was dazzled from the magnificent world she has entered, up until the colored lights formed pictures and sounds that were familiar to her.

“Those pictures and those sounds are human like…oh my god, am i in a human theatre?!”, she questioned.

There was no more time left for her speculations…what was happening in the reoccurring scenes and sounds were amazing enough to shut her mind…she was becoming an enchanted observer…

There was a sound of a man apparently speaking to himself:

“I am a helpful person, a sensitive human being and i have to help out my friend so lets see…ten years ago he supported my promotion request + last fall he bought me a very nice present + when my leg was broken he drove me to work everyday for three weeks = I have to submit to his request and let him ride with me when i take off to Alex…I feel better now being a generous person…afterall…he is going to Alex to visit his dying mother”

The mosquito saw pictures of every incident in the man’s equation and his voice was the back ground…and that tiny hair that was dangling down her head…the hair got electrified while she said: WTF…what a cheap ass!!

Suddenly the slimy ground moved from side to side strongly and she felt like fainting…the most annoying sound overwhelmed the cavity she was in…apparently the man with the voice was in pain…he kept moaning loudly saying: “What the hell is this buzz in my head…it is like a thousand thorns  penetrating my brain.OHHHHHH”.

She realized that she was INSIDE the man’s brain…she was then terrified and she was about to cry and moan herself when she remembered that she could feast over his delicious bloody brain…but again, fear inhibited her and she thought: “what if brain blood is bad for me?! I can’t afford increasing the bad cholesterol any further..enough with all the unhealthy humans i feast from…no…I’ll wait for a clean patch of skin before i suck into a tiny vien…an arm or a leg where all the action happens to clarify the blood stream. I’ll stick to my diet!”

a strong light came from down the tunnel she walked through earlier, and she thought: “could this be it…the  light by the end of the tunnel…am i dying” and she panicked…then she heard someone saying: “your ear tract seems infected but i can’t figure out why…we need more tests…for the time being i’ll prescribe something that will take the pain away…and the buzz”

Another picture glowed in front of her eyes…It was of a man in a white coat shaking hands with a short yet chubby man surrounded by four extra-large men in black suits and sunglasses, then that man handed the one in the white coat a briefcase, the other thanked him and said something that sounded like a promise: “The minister will be taken care of…he is “old” and “sick” and enough is enough…he needs the “rest”…being a veggie ain’t all that bad…not to anyone…after all he won’t be dead…just brain damaged hahahaha” then another shared the laugh…his voice was similar to the one she is now glued to his brain…

She freaked out again…tried as hard as she could to move her feet but she couldn’t…then she screamed: “what the hell are you?? a gangster??get me out of here!”

Another picture with loud sounds broke the silence…the same three guys sitting in a huge Hall surrounded by many men each had a microphone in front of him and each wore a suit and everyone was exchanging little pieces of papers that contained business proposals, pay offs, favour requests, appointments, curses and promises…the most frequent word repeated in that huge place was “the parlimant”…a word she has never heard of before…then boom…the picture was gone.

The man moaned a bit then he was totally silent…only a rhythmic sound of his breath was heard…she then saw a vague picture of floating clouds with things written in them…calculations…equations…quotations:

(10 000 000 to approve illegal shipment + 2 000 000 commission from the north coast land – 3 000 000 price of villa for samira the mistress = 9 000 000 net profit for the month)

(money+power) x 10 more years = eternal happiness in my beautiful country side villa by the water canal.

(I have to get rid of sheikh osman…the guy is offensive…he calls me a criminal and acts like he means well and keeps nagging about my redemption…he has to go…no one knows about the “accidental” shooting but him)

Lady mosquito cried till she slept standing…after a while she woke up…she felt drained and exhausted…she was dying from starvation…she knew she had to have some brain blood…so she blocked her nose and sucked some from a  luscious reddish spot…she became energetic and alive again…she had strength to pull her legs away from the ground…she turned around and headed outside the cavity saying that she has learned the lesson and will never think donkeys are yucky…she promised to never approach a human, humans might as well take a restriction order against her if they wanted…she wouldn’t care less…

She reached out…struggled to fly…but eventually did…she had happy tears of liberty in her eyes…

After she thought she was far enough to be safe…she looked back at the man who traumatized her with his mind…she saw him collapse to the ground…she waited around to see what will happen to him…she heard the man in the white coat saying: “Brain contamination…rare fatal condition…very rare!!”  


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