Job “Haunting”

I am job hunting…as you may know already if you’re already a reader of my blog.

The word job has turned into the logo of my everyday concerns and it is haunting me.

I realize though, that i am in a very rich life experement…I’m not trying to be a wise ass here but it’s true…When ever we rebel and ask for a unique place in this world it becomes challenging and it becomes a very rich experience…untill we settle again and the routine absorbs us into its cycle.

As semi-desperate as i am to get a job and turn with the previously mentioned cycle, as i am excited by what i am finding out…the exploration of things…new things that i go through.

Well, I think about the past, i re-evaluate my previous decisions, I reassess my basic expectations…stuff that i took for granted…and i went through my career and i see, now, how i acted from the very first day i took work seriously till now…

I have switched jobs…changed careers massivly…followed my heart…got paid a lot and got paid a few pounds…what all previous experiences had in common was that i had enormous fun working those jobs…they were all interactive…nothing was boring…i was always trying to be satisfied morally…to feel that i am affecting in a functional way…that i’m helping a company to attain unexpected profit or helping a kid getting proper psychological and educational treatment.

Reality hit me when i left two companies where i was paid highly and ranked even higher…I left because i thought it would degrade me to stay…I left because i couldn’t accept certain nastiness, it hit me afterwards when i went -connections free- to find a job in an uncomfortable zone…they judged me for a veil…or they wanted to pay less for more…or they mistakenly thought i was not fierce enough because of my domestic ordinary features…

And that actually challenged me more…i am now not simply job hunting…I am job hunting for a job that would recognize my abilities despite any silly judgment.

I realize everyone is free to believe what they want…and so am I…I won’t submit to others preferences…I will always submit to mine…and if I should like to change my views I will change them…this is my freedom…I decide…I never submit but to god…and out of love and true desire.

So…I will work through a hard path…I am willing to pause the whole big money and high rank thingy…I can work a simpler job that would give me satisfaction…I have no one to help me…and actually, now that things have turned the way they did, I prefer fighting the battle myself and feel an accomplishment -god willing- on my own.

Allah is kind…Allah is very kind and I know yet hope for more kindness…

Sometimes I think of good things i did where i’ve helped people who needed work or fought to promot who deserved a boost…I think of how i always found myself guiding others towards what would benefit them…I think of that and think that Allah will reward me with something good for the good i did…but then i realize how poor those thoughts are…because Allah never gives back…Allah gives from his own kindness and mercy…and the good we do we do it to clarify our hearts and spirits.

So, a proper “Job” will “haunt” me till i post about succeeding against all odds one day on this blog as well…

On a related yet different note, we should really post more positive posts…really!!


3 thoughts on “Job “Haunting”

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