A People’s Country

Hmm…I just had a very nice bubbly chain of thoughts.

What if a certain group of people purchased a big BIG Land somewhere…

They would then sit down and put laws and regulations to maintain their compatible life on the land. (I would have a senior part in that process)

They would plant their food and get cows, chicken and sheep…they would trade home-made goodies like Jams and preserves and bakery…everyone would make what he knows best and they would trade…for money or for goods.

The best teacher would teach the kids and the best Doctor would cure the sick and whoever is a skilled architect will build the houses and the greatest fashion designer will make clothes…people will work either individually or in groups…all will give to all and will take from all…everyone will then have a fair share of everything by rule!

Needed city materials would be bought from the city…they will sell their excess goodies and buy what they want.

They would elect a new principle each YEAR…without any campaigns…and no one will run for it…people would submit their selection based on general production and manners.

Private lives would be maintained but a big monthly picnic will gather everyone for a nice lunch in the open.

A poetic platonic thought??

Well…maybe…but it would be an ideal life, at least for me.

I think that eliminating the rush of power and money and bringing them down to the basics would make a fair environment for kind people to live in.


Actually I know what I’ll be doing…I will bake muffins and teach kids for a living.

I will plant some mint, basil, parsley and lettuce…maybe eggplants and tomatoes too (I can’t live without eggplant recipes).

I will write all the short stories i can think of and make many books…i bet publishers on the “people’s country” will be nice and sweet…wow…i’ll trade my stories for services and goods…I am happy just for the thought.

Oh Oh and I would sing for kids or at house parties or weddings…hmm…no…just for kids 😀

There would be no corporate coldness…no double standards…no cruelty.

And whoever breaks the rules of the country will have to attend to a country council and a civilized action will be taken.

Anyne will be free to leave and anyone who wants in will have to prove he’s compatible.

It will be a country inside a country…any country.

 Do you think it would be boring?

Think again, as humans will get to practice all human sillinesses and faults…but within a reasonable margine 😉

* Part of Jessyz Thursday thoughts.


3 thoughts on “A People’s Country

  1. Ideal life yes, but you will always find a price to pay. I saw a movie like that once, do not remember the name, an island with its own laws, trading their produced goods for other needed goods from the city. But you will always end being another city. You will need an army to protect the city, civil complications will enlarge the needs slowly till the city is transformed to another nation.


  2. Utopia!

    I think it rather about people, they will be people whenever they go, whatever they done.

    However if that ever happened in this life I think it will be boring, I am for myself will get bored in the very first week 😀

    + what you described here is pretty much heaven, only it will be more fun inshAlah 🙂


  3. Goog,
    Now this scenario sounded like V for vendetta 😀
    I LOVE this movie 🙂

    Nothing is like heaven…la 3aynon ra2at wala 2ozonon same3at wala khatar 3ala qalb bashar 🙂
    Thing is…i pictured it perfect but still full of human insecurities that would spice it up…but with a bearable limit 🙂


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