Being a Hero…

“Being a hero has its price”, she said.

It takes a lot to be heroic at one point…and it takes a lot more to be a hero at all time.

Can anyone be a hero at all time?!

Well, some have the ability to stand up against hardships while taking extraordinary measures…some are braver than most people…some are more strong and more determined.

Those get to be heroes in their own ways…heroes to themselves or to others.

But do they tire?

Is it normal for a hero to give up on some stand he has devotedly and wholeheartedly taken for a long time?

Does it mean he wasn’t really a hero?

Does it make him a coward?

Or is it just that heroes do get affected and do get tired??

Or maybe being a hero for so long or a hero in a major situation may have a price…something that shuts down in him…something that gets messed up…something that gets him hurt so bad that the hero would turn into a fetus who wants to hide in a secure warm womb…giving up all the strength, the determination and the bravery he once had…

Maybe heroes aren’t supposed to be heroes forever…

Maybe putting themselves out their at risk and going an extra few thousands of miles has its toll on them.

After all they are not fire fighters doing a heroic job…the battle may not be against a life threatening situation…no…a hero may get to be extraordinary in living life, examining its dimensions, in standing up for justice or freedom or beauty, practicing passions, helping others, implementing new ideals or reviving old ones, having a cause and devoting his life for it.

The battle of life and facing all the cruelty and stupidity and pain that people inflict upon each other need heroes…need heroic souls…heroic hearts…

But heroes are humans…humans who need to eat and work and raise their kids…and they get affected by each heroic action…heroism signifies their qualities and enriches their souls but scars deep down where no body sees…

Heroes may need a retreat when they get hurt, as heroism has its price…or so she said.


5 thoughts on “Being a Hero…

  1. we da yerraga3ny le nafs el no2ta: elly mesh 2ader yedfa3 el taman, leeh mayenfa3sh yetkhtar mayeb2ash hero! it’s draining and sometimes it’s just not worth it


  2. Goog, aha…given 🙂

    Sharifo, ama 3an cat woman b2a…fa enaha hero just to look nice…she told me 😀 wa6ed balak akeed 😀

    Inso, hmm…yagooz bardo…3moman kolo yemshy bas elwa7ed yerta7 🙂


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