A road paved with chocolate truffles

Disclaimer: Semi-Spoiler.

The story was of a mature woman who had everything but maturity. she lacked it because she didn’t quit figure out what was she…she knew she had a profession and she knew she had friends, a husband and a town to live in and walk down its streets everyday…but she never knew passion…she never enjoyed the taste of anything…she never knew how it tastes like to be in love with a man because he shares her passion…she never enjoyed the deliciousness of food, instead she consumed herself in eating and following it by counting calories then feeling guilt because she ate…she never prayed…never talked to gid…never knew what god is and how is he…and at one point she panicked as she realized that she can’t keep living like this…it was that moment late at night when she slept beside him awake and the minute he opened his eyes to speak of another gap between them and said: “I don’t want to travel with you.”,  she then said: ” I don’t want to be married.”

If you would see her you’d either relate or/and think she’s an ungrateful bitch…but fact is…she was just held back by all her self  ignorance…she just had to get to know herself, pleasure and god…

As I watched a movie that i looked forward to watching for some time, I felt such an enjoyment that is actually indescribable…it was like all the times i had those magnificent swiss chocolate truffles.

Every scene in the movie tasted and felt like that…scenes felt like the ones i had here in egypt while driving in some winter late night rides while listening to my favorite music and smiling from enjoyment because i was alone yet having so much joy infused inside of me…

Other scenes tasted like the truffles i had in the dark movie theatre in paris when the saltness and bitterness of my tears were combined with the sweetness of the chocolates…chcolates that were meant to numb the pain i felt then…

Other scenes smelled like the truffles daddy used to share with me on early mornings while telling me the funniest stories about celebrities…

And scenes reminded me of a different sweetness…the kind that fills all my senses when i feel how Allah may whelm me with his kindness although i didn’t do anything to deserve it…

But most of the scenes were just like the times i stuffed my face with truffles without having any sense of taste…not in my mind nor on my taste buds…times when i was numb all over but just doing what i normally do out of habit.

The lady from the movie took off for a long trip in search of the taste of life and passion, in search of god, in search of  herself  and she ended up knowing about all of those and knowing how love really feels.

You would relate…to the exotic search for a truth…to the revealed truth about the illusions we talk ourselves into then feel miserable afterwards…

The movie is entertaining…sensious…inspiring…at several points it was really funny in a corny way (or maybe it was my weird sense of humor)…refreshing…indeed refreshing.

Two cons though:

-Julia Roberts is losing serious volume from her lower lip :S

-There’s a certain margin of silliness and superficiality that i couldn’t neglect.

For best results, get yourself some truffles and watch the movie alone with the intention to enjoy yourself…

Greatest line: “I do not need to love you to prove that i could love myself.”

so much fun 🙂



4 thoughts on “A road paved with chocolate truffles

  1. Ain’t I the luckiest girl EVER!!
    It has been as big as an elephant’s ankle for a couple of days now…yalla…takfeer zonoob 😉


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