A tip from the golden eyed plus some more…

Well, when i decided that i need a vacation from blogging, it was meant to be till the end of the month…i dared myself to not write for that long…i needed to take time off from venting every thought here on my dear blog and just live the venting and experience its pressure.

I decided, again, that the ten days off were enough (yeah, I’m a very fast paced person) and that i should bookmark how the vacation was.

It wasn’t like i have taken time off thinking…It was just time off venting through words privately on my blog and doing so under many layers of innuendos and vagueness.

Result was, lots of emotional confrontations, many scattered unexplained tears and much confusion.

Apparently blogging eases what goes on from the inside through virtual venting, but truth is…we all have to switch off the computer and go to bed some time…then we wake up the next morning with only reality ready to bite our behinds while saying “good morning sucker”

I can write all i want and use metaphors and hide between the lines but fact is, i am doing nothing to face the reality and i am really not handling my issues.

Sweet virtual outlet  may be my best friend, but it won’t actually help unless i combine it with a real tangible act of presence.

And here i am…after neglecting my best friend and confronting the chaos in my head, which is something far from being comforting…here i am returning to a friend that i will tame for my best interest.

vacation resolutions:

– Creativity and passion: their true meaning and benefit lie in them being exercised vividly without time frames, expectations or an irrelevant goal…bel3arabi, passion is not a passion if used as a distraction or a painkiller!

– Ownerships: as long as “it” breathes, “it” is not ownable…period!

– Imitators are poor…whatever they do…whoever applauds them…whereever they can reach.

– Allah is complete…we are not…but our faith should be…regardless of our mistakes…our faith should always be complete, to be considered true.

– I may be sick of pretenders, but i will not shut them out…we all need each other to cure.

– Inner Peace is the most precious thing in this life…not love not money not kids not power…peace!

– Everyone has to earn their essentialism in my life…even her! and that should be a given, yet the new thing is: i am not swallowing shit silently any more and let whoever has a problem with that learn to have my guts and discuss like sane rational people should do…it is actually contaminating to live among muted wusses!

– People dare to gather an opinion about other people. an opinion that they decide to discuss with anyone but the person whom it concerns…people dare to judge behind back and discuss other people’s matters with their friends over hot dishes and fizzy drinks…a couple of curses should be placed here but know what, no one should care.

What I’ve been up to:

Well, the usual plus some more..

I am fighting everyday to keep my kids safe, polite and happy.

I am loving this fight and intrigued by it…I wish i could deliver how i view parenting to every mother i could reach but i know that most mothers are probably way better than me and the few who are not won’t listen nor feel but on their own when and if the right time comes.

I am having three totally different ideas about business and should any of them comes true for me, i would be extremely happy.

I am making some minor changes that should refresh the life routine.

and i am singing more than before, on track with my book and enjoying what  life brings and doing my very best one day at a time; a needed tip from my dear golden eyed husband 🙂

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