King of the world

Life has three dimensions:

– Allah and the greater picture he controls or allows others to choose paths in,

– Ourselves and how we cope and interact with others in our lives,

– Others and what they do to us.

And no body is smart enough or strong enough to have the upper hand in every dimension…Only Allah has that ability because he created it all.

We, merely try to survive…we merely try to out smart the plots, heal the wounds and climb a hill or two and call it “life achievements”.

As passive or helpless as it sounds, i believe in the great strength that lies beneath the mere life trials we commit to and change as we grow.

It takes a lot of energy and a lot of time, sweat and heartache, dedication and faith to merely survive life with all what Allah grants/ tests us with, with all our history and our tendencies, and with all what people brings to us.

I can’t Imagine what it would be like if Allah had given us the opportunity to more control over life…It would be frightning…Life would not have gotten so far as humans would have ruined it…

Having an unknown dimension to life pulls the break on arrogant human behavior and people tend to tone down the harm they can and would inflict on others just because they have a careful feeling about what life can do to them next…see, karma or whatever we call it tends to hunt us back for what we do, not to mention what would happen in the after life (only it counts if you believe in god).

Looking at the other two dimensions…well, our relationship with ourselves is the only thing we have control onto…how others treat us and how others are is never guaranteed…one minute they are your friends, the next minute they put a knife in your back…

But selves are as MAD as it could be…selves need rules, selves need faith, selves need a clear path, a decisive brain to plan how they would lead the road…selves are..well, messy…all we, or to be more precise, all I could do is trying to tame it, try to stick to the plan although the bigger picture and people try all the times to mess it up and push me off the road…and I do,

I try, with all my power i try, I rewrite my book and edit it all the time whenever my mistakes teach me a lesson or i get hurt by people’s cruelty or when i discover how my math was messed up…I rewrite and amend and try again to stick to the plan in hopes of achieving the goal…and my goal is to live life as good and peaceful and pure as i could possibly can, and to die with minimum package hoping for the mercy of god.

I promise myself to never live arrogantly as if I’m “king of the world”…as i know that on earth, all kings are fake…all kings are fake!!

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