A country for the police

See that pic?!

I took that when i was registering my car yesterday.

I read it and i was like, ok…so…?!!

It sure seemed like there was some missing text…because the head of the unit is greeting the egyptian citizen and telling him that because the ministry of interior cares to bond with the citizens and provide the best service….and the text stops…so?? what?? what will you do dear police unit?? what??

They either forgot to continue or the page has finished before they can continue or…or it is just like how it is always…talk and a promise for…blank!!

Police officers are the happiest segment of Egyptians…actually i think that this country is of great quality only for police officers…lets see,

– They are not battered everyday and humiliated by police officers…ironic? well…

– They are not suppressed from the government!!

– The government gives them houses, pensions and power to do anything they want.

– They would take anything from anyone free of charge and give favors in return, ask any cab driver if he ever got paid by any policeman in any rank…ask local restaurants…cafes…supermarkets that happen to be in the policeman’s residential or unit’s neighborhood.

– They can terrify anyone into doing anything…prostitutes offering free services, drug dealers and other ways!!

– Ethical police officer?? sure..they are not all corrupted, but those also manage to benefit from their position…best jobs awaits their finishing the service, best facilities in return of legal/faster favours…hand picked pieces of half priced land and apartments and cars…info for big commercial deals as a side activity…and so on…masale7!!

This is a country for the police…ordinary people fee alienated in it…

Belonging is a platonic romantic feeling some of us still have towards the land, the Nile, the sea and the taste of what was once called home.

I still taste it…but i resent everything else.


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