for my birthday…

For my birthday, i will get me some peace of mind…

For my birthday, i will shake away as much burden as i can…

For my birthday, i will heal some more…

For my birthday, i will make a wish or two…i will wish never to look back…i will wish never to shed a tear over the unworthy past…i will wish never to repeat my mistakes…i will wish to stay as good as i am and change the bad in me…i will wish never to let anyone take advantage of my goodness…

For my birthday, i will pray to god…i will pray to god that my children would always be safe and happy…i will pray to god to pardon me for my weaknesses and slips…i will pray to god to help me see clearly and feel vividly…i will pray to god for guidance, clarity and content.

For my birthday, my kids and my mom…the only ones who truly care and truly love me and truly deserve my attention, are preparing many gifts and a yummy cake and lots of light and laughter…and i will enjoy them and i will treasure the blessings that i have…

For my birthday, i’ll plan a better day everyday…

for my birthday, i thank god for the past 37 years…and i hope for the best in years to come, as long as Allah grants me.

December has started, and with it we wave goodbye to a year…in my case it is a double wave goodbye…a due farewell.


7 thoughts on “for my birthday…

  1. Well, in the case of double waving for this year we are on the very same page.
    I wish you a happy happy blessed birthday dear sis,
    we let the wa5adan el bal sharp as you always had it 😀


  2. Thank you Dear Rare for the nice comment.
    Well, this is the weirdest birthday i’ve ever had..but al7amdulelah for everything.
    May Allah bless you.


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