A little thing of beauty

The little things we do to make our lives more beautiful.

The little things we see and make us feel all beautiful.

and beauty has a lot to do with the soul, and that is a cliché i realize but…it is so true…so so true.

my cousin got me a cherry blossom scented candle and a box of pot-pouri scented the same…at night, i light the candle along with the vanilla one i bought recently and enjoy the beautiful fragrance combination and enjoy the dimmed light…i look at the new painting i hung on my bedroom wall…i make myself a drink…smoke a little and watch a great movie or chat with a friend a bit while listening to my Yanni music…

I, feel beauty in every sense of the word…

I watched a movie called Letters to juliet, the movie was a piece of heaven…manifested beauty…infused beauty…beauty of picture and beauty of spirit…and stressed on the value of the beauty to make dreams come tru and believe in love…

To spend a day stress free…with people who love you for real…with people who appreciate you…people whose eyes reflect how beautiful they see you…how beautiful they think your soul is…and you feel beauty all around you.

I think less talk, less fakeness and more truth, substance  and value reflect beauty as well…as it soothes the soul… 

my peach tea, new perfume, nice company, smiling kids cuddling, enjoying purity, nice old friends who are really there not just acting there and new interesting ones…is beauty…

6 thoughts on “A little thing of beauty

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