Basil Fateen’s Meلancholia

Disclaimer: Although this is a belated book review, and Although i am very excited to write about it, i urge you not read this post and go demand your copy of the above mentioned book…read me later 🙂

I think many bloggers on Qwaider Planet our precious aggregator will recognize my title.

As I am certain many of us have missed a very talented and special blogger and his frequent updates on his blog:  A pigeon called frank

He has made it up for us and wrote a wonderful book.

Basil Fateen, a very talented young man who made a woman in her mid thirty believe, actually, that the character he wrote about a couple of years ago on his blog is real (and i actually, back then talked myself into rationalizing the existence of frank lol i know…i know i know :D).

I bought the plot, i bought the wit…the crazy sparkle in the character (and the author’s eyes) and I laughed out loud many times and woke my poor mom while reading his posts…

The cynical accurate observations the author had/has about our egyptian society cracked the heck out of me.

And when he announced the book: Melancholia, i was among those loving readers who really looked forward to the complete version of what was tasted on his blog.

The book hit the shelves in Egypt, i have no idea if it did world-wide and i was very late to purchase it and even more late to finish it.

I got my copy from Volume one Maadi, i believe it is at major book stores around Egypt and i would urge you to check it on Amazon.

And before i finished i fought the urge to post about it, yet i waited till the very end of it to share it with my friends on and off the blogosphere.

I am not a professional reviewer and i won’t pretend to be or copy that style…

I will only say it as i see it…you will laugh, you will think, you won’t suffer from any unneeded excessive usage of complex sentences or vocabulary like other Egyptian writers who write in English sometimes do…yet, his flawless language and elegant phrases are a joy for sore eyes…his charming style, the humor his pictures have and the depth lying between the lines for thinkers to pick, is just amazing.

(really wishing my son would grow up to be half as talented)

Melancholia: A must read and must enjoy…

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