Facebook Trash!!!

I am fed up with the amount of dirt, the amount of moral contamination and the amount of dumb contradictions in life, that i really wish i could set fire in every nasty person i encounter.

But facebook, collected everything in life and symbolizes how deteriorated humans have become, especially in this country, right in front of our eyes.

Best thing about my page, although i deactivate it most of the time, is that there’s no one there but friends that i have known quite well.

and i have like 40 people all together…and i don’t accept random adds.

Wanna know what intrigued this angry post??

Well, take a look: i received an add request from some guy i don’t know…i opened his page to re-check if i knew him and i found this page and i left him a comment and of course declined the add:

The guy posts about and uses a full covered face veiled woman as his profile image.

The guy posts about no TV in ramadan, no smoking and about veil and women’s proper clothing from him -MESSED UP- point of view.

That pic. i have taken doesn’t show about 15 other women in underwear and/or sleeping on a bed half-naked.

I am fed up men “nagaset” eldemagh de…

If he was ordinary, without the veil picture, without the preaching i wouldn’t have gone mad…i am no nun nor a saint…i mess up like all people…but,

I freakin’ stopped preaching a long time ago honestly when i felt i wasn’t up to that standard.

What the hell is wrong with people?!

I write a story on my other blog about sex and how it affects men and women…i write about women being messed up by men and still chapters ahead i will write about men and how do they perceive the whole sexy mama’s things…as i know that sex occupies 70% if not even more from the male mind…and probably the female as well…

I know for a fact that polluted minds, diminished morals and sick  souls take sex, that god creation for man kind to produce…well..and have fun…they take it and wreck houses, hurt people, and act like pigs.

I wrote about that many times and i will keep on writing as i can’t just lock up every male pants or put barbwire around every female pair of legs…all i can do is write…scream…and tell people to love and have fun but with purity, dignity and decency.

How hard could that be!!!!


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