The only goal that would unify the powers and energies of man kind is definitely Being happy.

I can’t think of any other goal we could all agree on.

I can’t think of any other reason behind actions…anyother reason behind making a passionate effort.

But sometimes people misinterpret some feelings and mix it for happiness…like joy, success, pleasure and winning.

Each one of those feelings is great on its own and is even greater if accompanied by another of the sort…but, this is not happiness…just an aspect of it…but not it.

Happiness is accepting what we have while being problem free and while having peace of mind and while trying to attain one or all of the previous; joy, pleasure, winning, success…etc.

proof: i can win the lottery and not be happy cause i have no one to share it with or no health to enjoy it or maybe phobic and always afraid of losing it.

I can have the love of my life to enjoy, while being envious with a lousy career and a drug problem that messes up my life.

Or ….many many examples.

Happiness is about purity and fulfilment and peace…happiness is a collective feelings about many blesses.

And happiness could never be about something bad…I really believe so…because happiness is as faith…it is a universal rule Allah put…no thief could be happy, no killer and never an evil soul.

The more pure we can be the more likely we are to be happy.

and, We can never be happy about something wrong…it has another definition but it is not happiness.

a lot of money earned by any devilish act may make someone feel good they have it…but it is never happiness.

adultery maybe full of sinful pleasure…but it is never fulfilling…it never brings happiness.

unfair winning may get someone benifits…but never rewarding.

And gloating because someone is in hard times while it seems you are doing great…is never the right situation to feel good…as know what, harm might be an up hill for someone in order to rise, while joy and good things coming in the way of a bad person might be the very pit that awaits his burial.

Happiness is a bliss…Happiness is to be worked for…Happiness is for the pure, the good and the worthy.

And life can be cruel, people can be brutal and hurtful and time can be tough…but Allah is ALWAYS fair…always fair!

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