Where is the soul?

One of the best book club meetings was on yesterday.

The gloomy skies…the cold chill…and the rain, failed to have any toll on us.

We sat there totally and fully mesmerized by the book…our presence and how the closure was as the book came to an end.

last story in the book “women who run with the wolves” was of …

a girl who was always told not to go to the woods..the tribe warned and warned about the woods and the wolf hiding in there.

the girl answered: “This is my life, not a fairy tale, i have to go to the woods and i have to meet the wolf, or else my life will never begin.”

And she went and found the wolf trapped…she wanted to help it and she said: how do i know you won’t harm me? how do i know you won’t kill me and leave me lying in my bones?

“wrong question,” said the wolf. “you’ll just have to take my word for it” and the wolf began to cry and wail…

“ohhh, aieeee! aieeee! there’s only one question worth asking fair maiden, woooor aieeee th’ sooooool?”




The girl took the chance and sprang the trap and the wolf was et free…it thanked the girl and as she spoke out words like: “come on now…kill me and let us get it over with”

The wolf said: “i am a wolf of another time and place” he gave her an eyelash of his and asked her to use it and be be wise as from now on she will know who is good and not so good…she will look through his eyes and will see clearly.

and again he wailed: “wooor aieee th’ soooool?

she went back to her village and started holding up the wolf’s eye lash and she saw with it the evil…the motives…she was saved from so many misfortunes…

and after seeing the evil she began to grow immense at heart…and began to see the good:

She saw those who were truly kind and went near them,

She found her mate and stayed all the days of her life,

She discerned the brave and came close to them,

She saw bewilderment under anger and hastened to soothe it,

She saw love in the eyes of the shy and reached out to them,

She saw suffering in the stiff-lipped and courted their laughter,

she saw all things with her lash of wolf…all things true and all things false

All things turning against life and all things turning toward life…


see… the most important question in order to see into and behind, to weigh the value of all that lives: Where is the soul?

And the soul is in “the woods”…

We, my companions and i sat there on the damp grass…under a grey cloud…we were overwhelmed by the magic of stories for healing and educating or for entertainment…

We talked and laughed and welcomed a few rain drops…

And, I don’t remember when was the last time when words hit my heart and soul so hard that i feel i breathe them…i breathe them and i taste them and they clear my sight and my heart and my spirit.

As now i know where my power to sustain or overcome has driven…from where do i get the guts to try, agree, rebel, claim and refuse…I’ve always though it was from the gift of passion i have…or my ability to renew faiths and take myself a step ahead always…and I’ve always thought i was bold and wild because i had less valuables to care for…sometimes i felt it was because i am less…but fact is…it is because i am in touch with the soul…my soul…other souls…I am highly connected to the soul…and maybe my unconscious search for the soul in everything is giving me clarity to see the goodness among the most turbid souls…and maybe now that i am sure of what i desire to seek it will give me more clarity to see the evil and the good and to really go after the soul more.

If i said i am overwhelmed by this story and the use of words in it i would be understating it.

I find much beauty and depth in sentences like “She saw suffering in the stiff-lipped and courted their laughter”

I want to be that girl…

I want to be that girl…



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